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What I personally liked about the entire movie is that there are no typical clichés involved. A jilted, heartbroken girl doesn’t fall in love immediately with the next, available handsome guy. Neither does she fall in bed with someone just because she is lonely. She chooses to remain single. The same girl boldly goes on her first foreign trip but doesn’t end up in some brothel, prison or with some prince. She is smart enough to find her way in Paris & Amsterdam, is cautious in making friends, is outgoing without being reckless. Queen is refreshing because of all these normal things which can happen to anyone of us. It is not some fantasy tale.

Kangana Ranaut is beautiful as Rani aka Queen. She plays the shy, confused, introvert Rani beautifully. Without shedding buckets of tears she conveys Rani’s hurt when her fiancé ditches her. Although a drama queen as her friend Vijaylaxmi calls her, she knows where to stop. All her friends from Vijaylaxmi to Roxette, to the Japanese & the Negro & the Russian are excellent in their roles. The situational comedy is perfect & is not one vulgar joke after another.

Some scenes which I found hilarious:

  1. Rani screaming “meri life barbaad ho gayi. bahot bahot bahot bura hua mere saath”
  2. Rani in the sex souvenir gift shop buying gifts for her family
  3. Papa & Pintu lusting after Vijaylaxmi

Asha Bhosle’s old song reinvented, Hungama ho gaya is rocking. However I found that there are too many songs in the movie, so many that at one time I thought I was in a musical. Unfortunately only a few songs are memorable otherwise it might have worked out for the movie.

A must see movie for those who are open minded about stuff.

A 4/5 from my side.