I had gone to the mall this evening to purchase a few things. Now this place I went to is a very classy place where mostly the fashionable & elite flock. An amusing sight met my eyes there.

In front of me was walking an old woman who must have been easily over 70. She was bent in the back, her hair was all frizzy & white hanging loosely on the sides of her head & she was dressed in a nauwari saree which she had folded right up to her knees. I remember times when I have felt embarrassed about going to certain places because I thought I wasn’t properly dressed up. I just did not have the confidence to stroll in confidently without giving a damn about what anyone thought which clearly this woman did. She was moving in the crowds confidently even as people stared at her openly, some sniggered, some laughed out loud. But I couldn’t help but admire her confidence. From her appearance it was clear that she was new in the city & was surely from some village. This however did not shame her. Her clothes, her lack of fitting in with the crowd did not bother her at all, the way it bothers most of us…people who call themselves educated & urbane.

I learned an important lesson today. Confidence doesn’t come from clothes or education. It comes by believing in yourself. No one can treat you badly if you do not allow them. You were beautiful in your confidence granny! 🙂