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I am making conscious efforts to understand that the book & show are two different things entirely & this episode put my this endeavour to a nice test. 🙂 Now while I know GRRM himself wrote this episode, I see it more as a ‘you have got the story in this spot let me see what I can do’ sort of thing on his part.

It hurt me terribly to see Theon running/ limping behind these two nutcases. I still remember that smirking, over confident guy from the previous seasons & then I see this, shivering, stammering mess which Ramsay has made him into. Yes, he betrayed the Starks but a monster like Ramsay enjoying making him suffer makes me feel really sorry for him. I sincerely hope his suffering ends soon. Alfie Allen take a bow. He was excellent in both his scenes. Roose Bolton seems a little less creepy than he is in the books but Walda is cute as ever.

Davos & Stannis are fighting again 😛 What is up with these Baratheon brothers anyways? Robert – Ned, Renly – Loras & Stannis – Davos. I loved the fact that Stannis is so protective towards Shireen. That little girl is a gem & the actress is wonderful. She is that perfect mix of innocence & childhood stubbornness. And since when did Meli become her wetnurse? For some strange reason Selyse looked very much like Catelyn Stark today in the dinner scene.

The books never had a decent Jaime – Tyrion interaction. When they did meet it was too late for a little brotherly banter. I am so happy the show gave us this scene. Jaime finally gets to talk to a person who will listen to what he is feeling since losing his hand. Tyrion not only gives him sound advice but also Bronn. The practice session between the two was nicely done & with Tyrion embarking on his voyage soon I guess the Tyrion & Bronn show will soon become the Jaime & Bronn show.

No Arya, no Jon :(:(:( But then no Dany too :):):) So that kind of made up for my disappointment with the absence of Jon & Arya.

The Purple Wedding: 

Clearly meant to be the main attraction of the episode. Jack Gleeson, Peter Dinklage & Sophie Turner, each of them was perfect in their timing & reactions to the shit the other character is doing. Jack’s haughtiness as he accepted gifts from everyone & brought down the sword on Tyrion’s gift, his snorting laughter as the dwarves presented the war of the five kings, dousing Tyrion in wine, insulting him horribly were perfectly done by him. Everybody’s changing set of expressions (except Cersei) as they watched in part disgust part pity at their foolish King displaying more foolishness was a treat to watch. Varys looked totally done with the bullshit. That moment when a dwarf hit him accidently was hilarious. Olenna, Margery, Oberyn, Tywin were fuming behind their blank faces while Cersei & Joffrey were the only ones enjoying themselves to the core. There was also that moment between Sansa & Tyrion when she hands him the goblet which is fallen down. Sophie & Peter make me ship this pair…though god knows I utterly hate Sansa…but then Sansa & Tyrion do look good together in the show & since it was written by GRRM himself does this mean these two are meant to be in the end?

I loved the fact that Loras just left the stupidity that was the dwarf show when they began insulting Renly. Him making eyes at Oberyn even as Ellaria sat in his lap feeding him was quite funny. The scene of Ellaria & Oberyn with Cersei & Tywin was quite a drag. Tywin taking that sort of shit from anyone is just impossible (& looking amused by it? No!) His icy glares were such a welcome come back when his grandson started making an ass of himself. THAT is Tywin Lannister, his smile is terrible to look at & he doesn’t smile at every jape.

The only disappointment in the PW was Cersei’s reaction. While pushing Margery out of her way in her haste to reach her dear Joff was ok,  Lena really disappointed me with her acting in the next bit. Cersei’s beloved son dies in her own arms & all she does is make contorted faces? Nah! There is a time to be a Queen & there is a time to be a mother. She should have wailed & screamed (remember Catelyn/ Michelle anyone?) when her first born son breathed his last in her arms. Book Cersei did. Show Cersei looked to be pretending even here. This is the one moment where no one doubts Cersei’s true feelings & Lena messed it up big time. Lena’s expressions were like Cersei’s worst fears getting confirmed which goes directly against the whole “your joy will turn to ashes in your mouth” threat. 

Some really unnecessary scenes:

  • Jaime v/s Loras & Cersei v/s Brienne. Really? Was that necessary?
  • That whole Tyrion – Shae conversation was just a waste of screen space. We know she isnt going anywhere & while we are on the topic…what woman mentions her brothers whore to her father at her son’s wedding? Stupid really.
  • Cersei – Pycelle scene. 😐

Overall, personally I found the episode a little less enjoyable than the first one. But since Joffrey…well who cares about anything else?!

Jack Gleeson you will be missed my dear! Hope to see you in some show soon enough!

Promo for the next episode:

  • The gold digger Queen is back with Granny plotting further.
  • Where are Sam & Gilly off to? Wait! You cant leave yet! You have to make Jon the Lord Commander first
  • The Cersei mad show begins
  • And is that the Battle of Meeren? Good, good. Let it all begin 🙂

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