The episode starts off with Sansa running away with Ser Dontos, as clueless about everything as ever. It seems ridiculous that a high born lady will run away with a fool she met a day or two before just because he whispers about safety in her ear. I know freedom & safety sound sweet to a prisoner, but a prisoner knows that people are out there to test his loyalties too (Reek??!) Talk about being out of the frying pan & into the fire.

Margery, in spite of all that sass is as naive as Sansa it would seem. She has no idea that it was her own granny who plotted her beloved husband’s death. Now begins the major sucking up to Tommen. Poor kid.

Lord Tywin is known for being subtle till the last moment. You understand the enormities of his actions only when it is too late for you to do anything about it. The show practically butchered him for what? To show how great an actor Charles Dance is? But then we already knew that. What was the need to completely screw such a marvellous character just for the heck of it. Tywin talking about ruling in front of Cersei as she & Tommen stand mourning over Joffrey’s corpse. And if that wasn’t enough he went to meet Oberyn in a whore house. The Hand of the King going to meet a man who hates the Lannisters so as to ask him to be the third judge & guide him towards the true rapist & murderer of Elia. Wow! Lord Tywin is supposed to be a mystery, explaining away all his actions so easily takes away a lot from this beautiful character. Also, while I totally understand that Oberyn likes the company of both men & women throwing it in my face in every episode is so unnecessary.

Jaime was the only Kingsguard who thought it was his duty to guard the Queen too, even if it is her husband who is raping her. He is the same man who saved a woman he hated from getting gang raped. He will go on & kill a man for raping a maid. And this man today, we are shown, rapes the woman whom he has loved his entire life. Now while their love has never been gentle, there is a difference between rough sex & rape. When a woman says no, a man who loves her/ respects her listens & stops. And while I have no love for Cersei, this incident portrays her in a bad light too. Cersei has been abused by her husband for many years & has hated him for it. I cannot imagine her taking this lying down & ‘asking’ him to stop while saying it is wrong. But then again her feeble attempts at stopping him don’t make it consensual either. It just makes Jaime look more horrid. If D & D think this will help gain Cersei the sympathy of the audiences they are wrong! (It was wrong to bring back Jaime before the purple wedding!)

And while we are on the subject of Lannister siblings lets talk about Tyrion as well. Cersei accusing him of murdering her son & Tywin as usual siding with her hurts Tyrion a great deal. He is further hurt when Bronn, Pod & Kevan abandon him. The Podrick scene was cute, yes, but in it Tyrion seemed almost normal. And he plans to ‘talk’ to Jaime too. He is asking Pod to bring Jaime to meet him. Jaime loved his brother enough to go & meet him of his own accord in spite of what Cersei & Tywin told him. Also, Tyrion did not ask Jaime for help, which is what he will be doing next I guess. Jaime gave without asking. That was what made their relationship special. (It was wrong to bring back Jaime before the purple wedding!)

Done with King’s Landing for this episode! 😀

Now off to the other parts of the world.

Arya & the Hound comedy show continues. She is no longer chanting her hit list & a dangerous man like the Hound is roaming about with Arya offering lame comic relief.

A whore house is a safe place for a woman? That is some weird logic. Why not just put her up with ghost instead? Also, if Jon & his friends can protect Sam from the rogues of the NW I am sure they will be willing to protect his friend too. A whore house is just no. Guess the sex scenes in KL & Essos were less for D & D’s taste, so now we will have some sex time up North too.

The wildlings attack…other wildlings I guess so as to send a message to the Night’s Watch.

Stannis might truly be Joffrey’s uncle for all we know. Just like his nephew all he does is bitch about things not going in his favour, bitches about his Hand, bitches to his Hand & is a religious fanatic who is just plain irritating.

And the n of course Dany with the thousand names. Firmly friendzoning Barristan, Jorah & Grey Worm, she sends Daario to fight Meeren’s champion. And of course he wins. And when the pissing rounds are done by the men, the Mother of Dragons steps forward & starts with her show off by flinging slave collars at Meereenese slaves. Guess that will convince them to rise against their masters & revolt. All applause the new Queen!

Season 4 Episode 4: Oathbreaker Promo:

What did I just see?

  • Cersei asking Jaime to get her Sansa’s head.
  • Breinne is off to … I have no idea
  • Jaime is meeting Tyrion & Tyrion is ‘explaining’ his innocence I guess
  • Did Bronn just hit Jaime?
  • Paedophile alert
  • The attack of the wildlings
  • Emilia & her annoying accent