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Spoilers from the books

Fire and Blood, Motherfucker.

Dany finally conquers Meereen & plans to deal eeeenjustyce with jyusteece! Yes, Dany we get it that you are riding high on the waves of success but that is no reason to show off your westerosi (or wherever that shit accent was from) accent! The whole Missandei & Grey Worm scene was very lame. The unsullied take their commands from Dany or Jorah, so what is the need to learn English/ Westerosi? And did Barristan feel he was once again in Aerys’s service when she ordered the killing of all the slave masters? Poor man is cursed. Goes from one horrid ruler to another. Finally the woman with many titles has hoisted the Targaryen banners in Meereen. Now off to Westeroes…or maybe not! LOLz

I am so glad Olenna Tyrell is leaving. Goodbye Granny. Though I appreciate her sass, she & her granddaughter take up too much of time which could be utilized by other important characters who are equally sassy. I am glad they also cleared up the whole necklace deal. Oleanna might brag to Margery all she want, but she is just a pawn in Littlefinger’s game, like Ned, Catelyn, Lysa, Sansa & so many others.

The scene with Margery & Tommen was just creepy. After excessive doses of violence & rapes I guess we will be getting paedophilia. Littlefinger with Sansa was enough but apparently not for D & D so they went right ahead & began this disgusting “love” story! Inspired by the granny Margery is on a mission to seduce the young king. God bless him!

Now while I love Bronn & all his scenes I did not appreciate him slapping Jaime. That could have attracted him a heavy punishment if it had been someone else. But then this season is the Jaime Lannister character assassination season, so I guess that is OK. Jaime did not need Bronn to make him go & talk to Tyrion. He always knew that Tyrion loved & trusted him. He went to help him of his own accord, not because a sell sword asked him to. I loved Jaime & Tyrion’s scene. Both the actors are so perfect in their facial expressions that it is a pleasure watching them.

The Brienne & Jaime scene was more or less like a fan fiction. Look at the original dialogue from the books when he asks Brienne to find Sansa.

Take the bloody sword and go, before I change my mind. There’s a bay mare in the stables, as homely as you are but somewhat better trained. Chase after Steelshanks, search for Sansa, or ride home to your isle of sapphires, it’s naught to me. I don’t want to look at you anymore.

Instead of this we get eyelocks & uncomfortable silences. Also, Jaime naming the sword has meaning which is lost when you let Brienne name it. Jaime realizes that Sansa is his last chance at honour. Hence he names the sword, which is forged from Ice, as Oathkeeper, because he intends to keep the oath he pledged to Catelyn Stark. Brienne naming the sword sounds more like a taunt especially when she says it in front of the man famous for breaking all his vows.

The best part was happening North. I am so glad that Jon will be on the right side of the wall when Stannis arrives later this season. What the hell was Ghost doing in that cage? And what happened to Summer? And what the hell is Locke doing in the Night’s Watch. His only purpose will be to betray Jon! The question if when? And why did Sam tell Jon that Bran is alive? Jon refusing Stannis’s offer even when he believes that all the Starks are dead is more solid that it will be now when he knows that Bran is alive. Or maybe Jon will believe Bran ‘died’ at Craster’s Keep since I am sure Bran will escape with the rest of them.

I found the scene at Craster’s Keep a little strange. When the last of Craster’s son was born why did the women start chanting together asking them to hand over the child to the white walkers? They are mothers who have lost their children in a similar way. Why were they chanting the thing like some mantra which is a must do? Strange. Beating up Hodor was just plain cruel & am I glad that other creep did not rape Meera. Thank you D & D for such small mercies.


And the last scene left even the readers dumb struck. While there have been theories that Craster gave his sons to the white walkers, the show officially confirmed it this time. And why was the white walker all in black? Does it mean that the chief of the White Walkers was a member of the Night’s Watch? The scene where the eyes of the child glass over was just creepy but I couldn’t help but wonder as to how did this little one survive in the Land of Always Winter for so long dressed up only in a single light sheet? Is there anything here which is remotely normal?

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