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Temperatures these past few days have been reaching the 35 – 40°C mark. Summer is that time of the year when anything & everything irritates me. So I was thinking of listing some things which please me in this horrible season when there is sweating, heat allergies, sweating, rashes, sweating, eating selective foods & what not.

1. That awesome feeling I get when I get back home after a long day at work. Drenched in sweat, battling the crowds of an over crowded city when I reach home it is so much cooler in there. For a moment I stand there next to the door & close my eyes feeling all calm & peaceful. If I am lucky the windows will be closed & the curtains drawn so that the place is a little dark & shady.

2. Then I walk up to the refrigerator & when the door opens I am magically teleported to the Arctic. I stand there in the door sighing in pleasure as the cold air envelopes me.

3. This is the time when I will finally take a bottle of water from the fridge but before gulping down the water I run the water bottle on my face & neck. Then I drink the cold water & I can feel the water racing from my mouth downwards through my throat & chest to my stomach.

4. The water which remains in the bottle I splash on my face & neck.

5. And then comes the most awesome part where I spread out flat on the floor like some polar bear & put on the AC feeling the heat reduce slowly & steadily till I drop into a small nap.