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First things first…there is no Tyrion in the whole episode. I can’t believe I once read a whole book without him in it.

The episode starts with the coronation of King Tommen Baratheon, the first of his name. While he is blushing happily at his brother’s widow Cersei interrupts their budding romance & I geared up for some classic sparring between Margery & Cersei. But well, Cersei is bitching about the dead Joffrey (without actually bitching) to his widow & next is offering up her next son to her! 1 judge down, 2 to go. Next she is shedding tears in front of Oberyn Martell for her daughter taking about avenging the injustice suffered by those we love. 2 judges down, 1 to go. Finally Tywin actually discusses his bankruptcy with her & Cersei once again tries to convince him of how good a daughter she is while her brothers never care about family fortunes. 3rd judge however, being her own father wont be that easily fooled. He reminds her that he is a judge & hence cant discuss the case with her. Time to leave Cersei! Now while I appreciate Cersei & her cunning, her steady spiral into madness & drinking starts soon after Joffrey’s death. When she lost her son she lost her last grasp of sanity. She summoned witnesses yes, but all of them were people who could be bought. This high level of manipulation was lost to her in her grief.

Petyr Baelish reaches the Vale with his ‘niece’ (yes niece, not bastard daughter) Alayne Stone. Lysa & Robin Arryn know her true identity. Finally Lysa admits to killing Jon Arryn on Littlefinger’s orders & misleading her sister into believing it was the Lannisters. Baelish & Lysa get married the same night & poor Sansa has a sleepless night as her aunt screams with pleasure. (I found that scene really hilarious. It sounded the screams of a woman in childbirth, not the ones of someone being loved). Robin Arryn seems to have improved since Season 1. He looks normal. What is it with D & D? They make normal look abnormal, abnormal is made normal. Lysa tries to fish for information about the nature of relationship which Sansa & Baelish share but ends up making Sansa cry. Why is Sansa not Baelish’s daughter? All her life Sansa has been indifferent towards bastards. This was the first time she remembered Jon fondly. If she isnt a bastard, that storyline is lost. And more importantly a Tully haired girl who calls herself niece of a man who has no brothers or sisters arouses too much suspicion. LF is not so reckless to take such a huge risk after going to so much efforts to get Sansa with him. Also, Varys is not a fool. Right at the moment when Sansa disappears a girl with red hair turns up at the Vale. Even Lollys would put this together & Varys is way smarter.

The Arya & Hound scene was a waste as usual. Why has she added Berric Dondarion’s & Thoros’s name to the list? It makes no sense at all. While I love to see Maisie practice with her sword it does nothing for the Arya storyline. Send her to Braavos already! Her work here is done!!!

As usual the best part of the episode was up North. Thank you so much D & D for not raping Meera! Also a big thank you for killing Locke. And this one is sincere…the scene between Bran wanting to meet Jon but not being able to & then Jon meeting ghost were extremely touching. The brothers were so close, yet they missed each other. Though I did not understand what point this whole deviation from the books served, but it was OK. The special effects in the scene where Jojen is seeing the weirwood tree were extremely poor, especially when compared to the usual work in the series.

Dany & Daario flirting with each other in front of Barristan & Jorah & Missandei & Grey Worm (who stand together now!) was just annoying. Finally news reaches the Mother of Dragons of the blunders she is making & a single sensible dialogue comes out, “Why will anyone follow me?” My question exactly 😛

I found this very interesting bit of news on FB from Meereen :P:

Next week on Game of Thrones:

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  • Mark Gatiss ❤
  • Asha is finally here…