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The episode can be broadly divided into two parts: Tyrion’s trial & the rest of it.

First the rest of it…

Stannis shows up at Braavos with Daavos. Braavos & The Iron Bank looked magnificent. I can’t wait up to see more of Braavos when Arya finally goes there. I also love how they keep adding new locations to the opening theme. I had really looked forward to Mark Gatiss playing Tychos Nectoris in the show & he was excellent as usual. While Stannis had little to say, Daavos’s reply to Tychos was a perfect reason why Stannis would make a good king. When next time someone asks me why I think Stannis would be a good king I will definitely point them to this episode.

I loved the way the coins were arranged in that bag which Daavos threw at Sallador. It was quite fancy.

The Asha/ Yara – Theon – Ramsay part was a little confusing for me. I get it that Asha understood that her brother Theon is long dead & his place is taken by Reek, Ramsay’s pet. Also no matter how brave a person is, when someone sets bitches on you, you will run. But how did Ramsay allow her to run? Why did he not hunt her down himself? When she escaped I expected a huge drama from Ramsay & absolutely dreaded that bath scene. I was so sure he was going to hurt Theon for this. But nothing?

So in HBO land Drogon kills a sheep, not the child. And Dany naturally pays off for her child’s mistake. So next time your child burns something (umm or someone?) you just pay him off! And the person will be elated at your generosity. I liked Hizdaar slapping some facts in her face, facts which her advisers were too timid to speak about. Not that she will ever accept her intrusion & stupid decision making. But well, his guts must be appreciated. Her face when she hears 212 people are there seeking justice from her was a really sick mix of pride & happiness & narcissism.

Now to Tyrion’s trial:

My heart broke when Tyrion thought Jaime had come to set him free. Psst…soon enough my darling, soon enough!

The trial itself held no surprises. Every person was bought & paid by Cersei, that much was obvious from the start. Noble souls like Pycelle, Meryn Trant & Cersei testified against him. Varys was politically correct as usual…but that little Q & A at the end… 🙂

The scene between Tywin & Jaime was so perfect that I wished that it was canon. I wished it with all my heart. Tyrion, safe at the wall, being best buddies with Jon; Jaime well away from Cersei & finally taking his place as heir to Casterly Rock, thus slapping Cersei twice in the process, once by marrying another woman & once by lying her years of efforts to get Casterly Rock to waste. And of course a Tywin who wasnt dead. But well…when does GRRM fulfil such sweet dreams!

But the final testimony from Shae throws Tyrion provokes Tyrion into a trial by combat & all this wonderful day dream of mine ends! Tyrion’s speech here is epic & Peter Dinklage is awesome in the scene. Also, Tywin’s eyes filled with hatred & loathing at his youngest son as he upsets his carefully made plans once more were excellently enacted by Charles Dance. I love this man! The ‘rains of castamere’ softly playing in the background indicates so much of the future of these two lions!

A little of Tyrion’s epic speech which will go down in history:

“I did not do it. I did not kill Joffrey, but I wish that I had. Watching your vicious bastard die gave me more relief than a thousand lying whores. I wish I was the monster you think I am. I wish I had enough poison for the whole pack of you. I would gladly give my life to watch you all swallow it!”

Next episode looks promising as the Mountain & the Red Viper come face to face. And of course ‘Only Cat!’ moment too!


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