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*Book & Episode Spoilers*

The episodes keep getting better as we come to the end of the season. And this one was amongst those which I would call good.

The conversation between the Lannister brothers was nicely done. It again left me wondering what Tywin would have done had Jaime stood up as Tyrion’s champion. Would he have allowed both his sons to be slaughtered for a crime Tyrion never committed or would he have stopped the whole trial itself? I think it would definitely be the latter. Tyrion & Jaime discussing fucking up their father’s carefully laid plans was a treat to watch. But well, some things can never be… 😦 Though I loved this conversation, I do not think Tyrion asked for a trial with Jaime in mind. He knows his brother’s limitations now & he doesnt suffer from Cersei’s version of love either. I think he was relying on Bronn which makes his meeting with Bronn all the more sadder. Even knowing Bronn is a sellsword I could not help but feel betrayed on Tyrion’s behalf. He owes him nothing….but still HE OWES HIM! 😦

Rorge found the two perfect people to share his news about Joffrey’s death. No one could be happier than them about the news. 🙂 And Arya did thank him for it 😉 With Rorge & Biter dead, who chews of Brienne’s cheek? Because I do remember Gwen mentioning shooting that scene. And who steals the Hound’s helm to misguide people? Arya is worried that the Hound’s wound would be infected. Is this how he ‘dies’ this season?

Jon Snow is back to the Wall & is angry as hell for being ignored & targeted by Thorne. I can’t wait for Thorne to die & later…much later for ‘fetch the block’ either! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Between Selyse & Melisandre it is difficult to understand who is the Queen. Selyse follows Meli about like some puppy & a brainless one at that. That conversation they had about Shireen makes me shudder & reminds me of Jon’s last chapter in ADWD for all the wrong reasons! Shireen is such a sweet girl. Not her GRRM please not her. 😦 I wonder if this was just a blooper but Meli wasn’t wearing her necklace in the bath & it is kind of very important for her to wear it, isn’t it?

Dany is slowly turning into another Cersei. First she tries to show Daario his right place. When however he presents the very valid excuse of him being good at only two things; war & women; and with the war done he needs a woman she asks him to strip. BUT only after he has said she is THE ONLY woman. Yawn!!! Such a narcissist. The Daario – Jorah encounter can be described as awkward at best. Next she is ordering Jorah to kill more slave masters in Yunkai but surprisingly takes his advice after he calls her a hypocrite indirectly. The show still continues trying to show her like some reasonable little girl which she is not!

The banter between Brienne & Pod was fun as usual. You are lucky to have him Brienne. He has been trained by the best. Hot Pie is a true baker at heart. The country can rip itself in two, give the boy some dough & he will bake happily. 🙂 Brienne’s arc is moving quite fast. She already knows that Arya is alive & might be on her way to the Vale. Will they include her meeting with the Elder in the next season remains to be seen.

The best scene for me was the Oberyn – Tyrion conversation. Tyrion is no stranger to abuse. He experienced it at the age of 13 from his own father. And now he learns he was sexually abused by his sister too, that too when he was a just born baby. Oberyn saying, “that is not a monster, its just a baby” must have touched Tyrion for sure. He has been called a monster for so long that almost everyone has forgotten that he is a human! Finally the show has stopped portraying Cersei as some poor girl who hates her dwarf brother for causing her beloved mother’s death, poor mother who lost her first child, poor woman raped by the man she loves, poor wife beaten by her husband. Finally they show us how truly sick she is.

The Mountain is magnificent & all that I imagined him to be. Cersei walking over spilled guts to reach him & asking him to just murder, no matter who further just strengthens the fact that she is cruel to her very core.

The snow castle which Sansa built was beautiful. Though the scene was short & some flashbacks would have helped it greatly, the scene did have a magical touch to it. The slap to Robin was well earned & well delivered 😛 How I wish she had slapped Baelish too when he kissed her.

I wish the had kept the “only Cat” line from the books. Though I have no sympathies for Lysa, in that one shot I did feel sorry for her. She loved the wrong man & paid heavily for it. Abandoned by her own father & family, married off to a man even older than her own father, suffering one miscarriage after another, being separated from the man she loved…maybe it would have been kinder to let her die with her fantasies of Baelish loving her. Anyways, Sansa doesn’t know anything about Baelish & Lysa killing Jon Arryn & there was no singer in the scene. So who takes the blame now? Maybe they will say she slipped? For that we have a 2 week wait.

Two weeks from now…

Theon Greyjoy is back…for a while 🙂

Sansa lying to save her skin as usual

The trial by combat

The attack on Mole’s Town

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