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The swearing in of future PM Narendra Modi has been on all the news channel since he got elected a week back. All channels are busy reporting on the preparations taking place in the capital & what to expect on that day be it the very impressive guest list or the initiative to invite Pakistan PM Nawaz Shareef along with other heads of nations of SAARC. One thing which struck me odd is the great details of the security of NaMo that have been revealed to the media & which the media in turn is broadcasting.

Why do news channels need to know the exact path & the exact composition of the PMs security retinue? Is the public interested in knowing in which car is NaMo travelling following which car, followed by which car? Doesn’t such a copious amount of detailing endanger him in some way? Isn’t this like providing a ready reckoner to anti – social elements?

I know I would be fine if I don’t have any such information beforehand. And so I imagine would be everyone else. We are not interested in knowing how many security men NaMo’s retinue will have, in which car he will travel, the exact moment in which he will pass point XYZ. Keep that to yourself people. Just seeing him arrive at the Rashtrapati Bhavan is more than enough for the public.