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*Book Spoilers*

Again I will divide the episode into two parts broadly. The unimportant & the important or the part for which we were waiting for two weeks! Instead of scene wise I will summarize this episode character wise. Becomes easier.

Grey Worm is ogling Missandei. Missandei runs to the Queen to tell her about this. The Queen talks about men without stones & pillar while making her hair? Things were just so much simpler when Missandei was a little girl & Grey Worm was a eunuch in not just name. Jorah gets a royal pardon from Robert Baratheon :O & this letter is delivered to Barristan by some boy. Shabby postal service in Meereen! In the books when Dany asks Jorah to leave it is a little bit more emotional than it was on the show. She is truly shocked & hurt by his betrayal. On the show it looked as if she had just ticked off another item on her to – do list.

Reek gets to play at being a prince for a day. And he does it well. He gets Moat Cailin for Ramsay & Ramsay in turn agrees to give him a precious bath! 😛 Finally Ramsay is now Ramsay Bolton & Roose is the Warden of the North. I honestly think GoT needs to start doing flashbacks. Theon remembering Robb & Ned & the other Starks as he marched to Winterfell with Ramsay would have been very touching & would have reflected the emotional trauma Theon is suffering from since betraying Robb.

Sansa! To be honest I don’t exactly understand what I saw today & what it means in the long run. Is today’s episode a spoiler from TWoW? But then wont that jumble up the timeline? But that isn’t even the reason of my objections. Till the previous episode Sansa is a bumbling idiot who cant speak a sentence straight. However in today’s episode she is this cool actress who graduated from pawn to player & not just any player but right in the ranks of Littlefinger? Sansa accepts that she knows what he wants from her & from her expressions she seems OK with it. Also, Robin is leaving the Vale with Sansa (dressed as Anne Neville from the White Queen) dressed all in black (now you find time to dye her hair?). So is she Alayne now? Do only the Lords of the Vale know her true identity while she remains Alayne for the rest of the world? And what was Littlefinger talking about? Will the Vale rise in open rebellion against the crown for him & Sansa? Things don’t make much sense to me at all.

Arya & the Hound reach the Vale & are informed that the Lord of the Vale is dead? :O when Robin is very much alive! And Arya bursts out laughing like some moron? Please just leave for Braavos now! Please!!! Arya is not an insensitive, petty lunatic. She cares deeply about people, even people she never knew & this woman was her family & her last chance at escaping the nightmare she has unknowingly fallen into. This also means that people at the Vale know that Arya is alive, so will Littlefinger & Sansa hear about it too?

The Wildlings have reached Mole’s Town & the Black Brothers are waiting for them to attack the wall.

And now for the only important part:

The scene lasted about 7 – 8 minutes starting from Tyrion being summoned for the trial to Oberyn being brutally murdered. The main fight was for an even lesser duration.

Firstly the conversation between Jaime & Tyrion though lasted too long than was necessary, it did convey Tyrion’s nervousness. He was babbling & was talking about completely unimportant things. Though I am all for the brotherly bonding moments, this one lasted too long & didn’t make much sense.

While I didn’t much care about Oberyn X Ellaria, when she said “Don’t leave me alone in this world” I had tears in my eyes 😦

The fight itself was fabulously shot. For such a heavy man, the actor who plays the Mountain; Hafthor Julius Bjornsson was amazingly agile in that armour. Although I knew how the fight ends, when the Mountain was lying nearly dead on the floor I couldn’t help but wish with all my heart for Oberyn to win. The ending was too brutal for words but was beautifully executed & shot.

Next week on GoT:

Just the Night’s Watch 🙂 Yayyy! How I wish we get one episode without stupid Meereen & King’s Landing in it.

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