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*Book spoilers*

While episode 9 of all the previous seasons had had many turning points with WTF moments this one was pretty non shocking by GoT standards. The battle between the Wildlings & the Night’s Watch was beautifully shot & all the special effects were bang on. Though I have no idea why Pyp & Grenn were murdered (less men to pay?). Gilly going to Mole’s Town served no purpose at all other than wasting precious time which could have been used in character & story development, but then sex & burp songs have always been more important than that for D&D 😛

Alliser Thorne’s speech was inspirational & would have done Lord Tywin proud 🙂 Slynt as expected was hiding with the woman & child.


Ygritte & Jon’s love story will the only love story in GoT/ ASOIAF which isnt incestuous, rapey, paedophilic or just gross. And sadly as with all good things it ended in this battle when a little boy put an arrow in her back.

While Grenn & his gang were good fighting the giant he wasnt Donal Noye & I missed that man! He was one of those characters who are always in the background but are very important. Why he was important? Well here are a few reason.

Though they spent an entire episode at the wall, as expected Stannis did not arrive. And while I had been certainly expecting it, well it was still a disappointment 😦 It’s as if D&D hate that guy!

I will remember this episode for the excellent filming of the war scenes & the special effects.

Episode 10: The Children

If we go by the books this episode will cover:

  • Shae’s death
  • Tywin’s death
  • Jaime helping Tyrion escape
  • Jaime telling Tyrion about Tysha
  • I also see Cersei seducing Jaime into something & talking to Tywin about something
  • Bran meeting The Children (well that is the title)
  • Arya leaving for Braavos
  • Stannis coming to help the NW
  • War between Stannis’s & Mance’s men
  • Dany imprisoning her babies

That’s a lot & if done correctly will be a wonderful way to end Season 4 & ensure people stick around for Season 5 after the debacle that this season was.

Add Lady Stoneheart to it & well…:) But I am not keeping my expectations high for this one


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