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The last & final episode of Season 4 & I am not even sad. What sort of fan am I? I am actually very happy that the show has ended because I am no longer sure I enjoy it at all. I may not even watch the next season. I will just wait patiently for the next book to come out, at least it be worth the wait unlike the GoT seasons.

The episode starts at the Wall & the land beyond it when Jon goes to meet with Mance in order to negotiate. Surprisingly D&D gave up the opportunity to show a naked woman giving birth & hence we did not get her sister Val attending to her either. While Jon & Mance are still talking they hear the approaching army & no it is not Tommen or Dany’s army (yes some people actually thought it was her! :P). It is none other than Stannis Baratheon. The photography of the battle was just brilliant. I loved how the camera captured the battle formations as they rode to the rescue of the NW. Mance surrenders to Stannis & on Jon’s advice Stannis lets Mance live. As the men of the NW & the King’s men who died in the war are being burned Melisandre has her first glimpse of Jon Snow which means we can expect some sex scenes between these two next season. In the meanwhile let the Stannis – Jon bromance begin! ❤

Ygritte’s funeral was touching. I am glad they showed it.

Was St. Cersei trying to save Gregor Clegane? Cersei thinking about anyone once their purpose is served is laughable. She actually going to see him personally while he stank & she bothering her nose with the stench is an impossibility. Qyburn the Creep has begun his work.

And while I was still rolling my eyes at this scene Cersei was actually shouting & screaming at Lord Tywin. Lioness or whatever she calls herself, she was nothing more than a mouse in front of her father. All the three children were. And she wasn’t just shouting she was telling him the truth about her & Jaime so that she didn’t have to marry Loras. How lame. As if that will stop her father from marrying her off.

And then she is back to her bed slave, her brother Jaime. Jaime, who saw how Cersei framed Tyrion, Jaime whom she rejected like the ungrateful wretch she is & said he had come too late, Jaime who two episodes ago was agreeing to marry any woman his father chose if he let Tyrion go, Jaime who saw the sick look of utter triumph when Oberyn died, the woman who doesn’t feel any shred of sympathy or guilt over Tyrion…the brother he loves…and yet he is OK with sleeping with her. His throwing the White Book aside was the exact opposite of what the book Jaime would have done. After losing his hand, Jaime is a changed man in more ways than one. That book has started to mean something to him. They could have just kept this as the sex sept scene which was canon, but no they made it into a rape scene. But I guess it wasn’t since Cersei doesn’t think so as was clear today. I am done with show Jaime. He is nothing like his book counterpart.

Uttering all the titles of Dany takes a full minute I guess. Can they shorten it please! Who would have thought that dragons burn things? But seems they do. So now while the dragon who burned the child flies free the other two brothers get chained by none other than the “breaker of chains”, but then life is full of such little ironies. 😛

The attack of the wights on Bran & co was sudden & had the surprise element. However I liked the previous wights better. These new ones are just skeletons & as someone said on Tumblr looked straight out of Pirates of the Carribean 😛 Killing Jojen was just meaningless at the moment. And Bran just moves along like OK whatever who cares I have better things to do. He was his friend. Bran would have cared. And the children was another disappointment. I had imagined them as something else while reading. And fireballs? I had expected their weapons to be more botanical or maybe normal things like swords & knives but definitely not fireballs. But most disappointing was Blood Raven himself of course. He has one eye D&D…how difficult is that? Other than this the heart tree flaming red against the white snow made a beautiful picture.

The initial scene between Arya & Brienne was so warm & nice. The fight sequence between Brienne & Sandor was just extraordinary which was mainly due to the actors & fight choreographers & not because of the writers. From a story POV it made no sense at all. Second time in what a month (??) Catelyn Stark’s daughter escaped right from under Brienne’s nose. So now with this done, what will Brienne be doing next season? Continuing with her fool’s errand?

Jaime looked like such a hypocrite going down to Tyrion & acting saviour. I actually hated him at that moment. To add to his hypocrisy he did not mention Tysha. (I know it isnt his fault, but it does spoil the character). For no reason at all (Tywin wanting him dead is nothing new & this time it was Cersei who arranged his death, not Tywin) Tyrion decides to take a stroll to his father’s chambers which is also the Hand of the Tower & hence is bound to be heavily guarded. For no reason Shae picks up a knife to kill him but doesn’t scream when she has a chance. And then he kills her just like that. And then off to kill father. That too done in 20 seconds flat. An utterly important scene from the books is reduced to a pile of shit because we can’t paint Tyrion in  a bad light. While the book gave him a valid reason for patricide, the show just makes him look a murderer with no reason other than revenge. Tywin’s death wasn’t about revenge, it was about justice & Tyrion standing up against all the injustice meted out to him over the years. RIP Lord Tywin Lannister the one true King of Westroes.

Lady Stoneheart’s absence is something which I had anticipated. With rumours about Jaime going to Dorne in the next season & Brienne’s arc going all haywire Lady Stoneheart coming at the moment doesn’t make much sense. Anyone can kill the Freys. How difficult would it have been to show Stoneheart rising as the bells tolled Lord Tywin’s death?

The last scene where Arya leaves for Braavos is so well shot. I loved that scene & the music that went with it.

At this point I am happy that the season has ended. They have ruined 3 out 5 of my favourite characters & somehow at this moment I am not in the “now my wait begins” crowd.

A special mention of Charles Dance is absolutely needed at this point. He was fabulous as Lord Tywin. I will always & forever picture him as Lord Tywin when I read ASOIAF. 🙂

How I wish GRRM announces TWOW soon. Want to read GRRMs story his way so that I can forget the horror that was Season 4.

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