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Mangalashtak Once More (MOM) is a Marathi movie written & directed by Sameer Hemant Joshi. The movie has superstars of the Marathi industry Swapnil Joshi & Mukta Barve in the lead roles of Satyajit Patkar & Aarti Patkar.

Satyajit & Aarti are a married couple very much in love with each other. However the spontaneity in their relationship is replaced by monotony. While Aarti tries to be the perfect wife for her husband, Satyajit finds her attention cloying & desires space. Their problems peak when Satyajit faces work pressures & just cannot breathe freely at home either. This is the main story of the movie.

A huge fight later because of which Aarti leaves her home & goes to stay with her sister the director delves into other minor plots of self – identity, self respect, having a life & allowing your partner some free space & ME time. Separated from her husband Aarti finds herself with a lot of free time on her hands. Her sister rightfully asks her to grow a spine & put her MBA degree to good use. With her encouragement & goading Aarti finally lands a job (surprisingly as a receptionist. Maybe years as a housewife have drained her of confidence to do justice to her degree? Or maybe she just needed to money & took the first job she was offered?)

Again with encouragement from her sister Aarti calls up Satyajit & asks him to meet her. The docile, traditional Aarti who has been clad from top to toe till now, now arrives at the Cafe dressed as a babe. Satyajit is left with his mouth hanging wide open. Soon they renew their relationship, but more as friends than as a married couple.

Satyajit has a sexy boss who is a workaholic but who feels responsible for her only child too whom she has left in a boarding school. While discussing the importance of career & home with her Satyajit realises the importance of the stability & balance Aarti brought in his life. On the other hand, Aarti has a heart – to – heart with her sister who thinks she should divorce Satyajit. Aarti on the other hand is determined to make her marriage work. The sexy boss causes some misunderstandings in our lead couple but things sort out in the end & they finally get their happily ever after.

The actors are great as is the pace & direction of the movie. There are no boring moments. The songs are all forgettable (I can’t even mention one of it if you ask me now 1 hours after the movie!). The sets are great. The dialogues are average & at certain points get unintentionally funny. I think the director tries to handle many complex topics at once & hence is not able to concentrate on any one of it. We get a little of everything & not much of anything. This left me feeling a little dissatisfied. I also felt that Aarti suffered from an OCD, her OCD being her husband. She is all over him in the beginning to the point of embroidering his name on his knickers. She needed at least a few sessions with a shrink for sure. In spite of all this I did enjoy the movie. While the whole reason which led to the divorce was childish I really liked how Satyajit got her back. It was cute without being saccharine sweet. Just perfectly balanced.

A good movie to watch at home for free.