Found this thing on Tumblr & since the only thing I know about Tumblr is how to reblog posts I will be doing this challenge here.

Deleting some of the boring stuff from the challenge so the final thing maybe shorter than 30 days.

Day 1 – Favorite Book in the Series

Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone. It was the first book which introduced us to the world of magic. All the new terms, foods, places were quite fascinating to read.

Day 2 – Least Favorite Book in the Series

Harry Potter & the Half – Blood Prince. When you have the HBP in the title you would expect more information about him. Instead all I got was how Harry is a demi – God whom everyone has started worshipping except the devilish ministry guys, Harry being irrational & angry for the entire book & Harry in love which was just as nauseous as Twilight. Till the previous book Ginny is a way minor character & then all of a sudden she is everywhere.

Day 3 – Favorite Character

Hermione Granger. I like people who use their brains & think independently & Hermione does that all the time. While Harry gets along on sheer luck she is the brain behind most of his success.

Day 4 – Favorite Villain

Tom Riddle. He was brilliant

Day 5 – Saddest Moment

Snape losing Lily after the Mudblood incident.

Day 6 – Favorite Professor

Prof. Remus Lupin. He was everything a professor should be. Calm, composed, knowledgeable

Day 7 – Least Favorite Professor

Prof. Trelawney. Prophecies are annoying enough, they become just sick when Harry survives them all 😛

Day 8 – Favorite Subject

Defense Against the Dark Arts. A subject which needs not just knowledge but a certain amount of bravery to master.

Day 9 – Least Favorite Subject

Divination. Do we need a reason 😛

Day 10 – Favorite Shop in Diagon Alley

Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes 🙂

Day 11 – Least Favorite Character

James Potter. I think he was nothing better than Dudley. A total bully who felt the world was blessed by his mere existence

Day 12 – Favorite ship

Hermione X Ron (but only after Severus X Lily. If they had gotten back together I would have shipped them forever.)

Day 13 – Favorite Magical Creature

House Elves. While I was alarmed at Dobby’s deceit when he first appeared both he & Kreacher grew on me. Though I am not as fond of them as Hermione but they must be nice to have around.

Day 14 – Favorite Tri-Wizard Tournament Challenge

The second one involving fetching your friends from the lake.

Day 15 – Rate the Houses From Most to Least Favorite

Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor & Hufflepuff

Day 16 – Favorite Animagus

Beetle. Must be really useful.

Day 17 – Favorite Unforgivable Curse

Avada Kedavra

Day 18 – Favorite Horcrux


Day 19 – Favorite Deathly Hallow

The Elder Wand

Day 20 – Funniest Moment

Anything that Fred & George say 🙂

Day 21 – Most Emotional Moment

“Even after all these years?”

“Always” 😦

Day 22 – Aspired Quidditch Position

Audience 😛

Day 23 – Favorite Patronus


Day 24 – What You Think Your Patronus Would Be

Personally I would like my patronus to take the shape of a lion 🙂

Day 25 – Favorite Dursley

Petunia. I think, no matter how badly she treated Harry, it was kind of her to take him in. She was under no obligation to do it. But yet she did & he was saved from the entire circus for 11 years.

Day 26 – A thing I would like to change about the books

The black & white treatment of characters

Day 27 – Favorite Magical Ability (Animagi Transformation, Metamorphmagi, Parselmouth, Flying, Seer, Appartion and Disapparition, Legilimency and Occlumency, Veela Charm, Magical Resistance)


Day 28 – Favorite Death Eater

Severus Snape ❤

Day 29 – Favorite Portrait

Phineaus Nigellus

Day 30 – Favorite Spell

Expecto Patronum