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The last episode of the MasterChef US aired in my country today. While I did not watch the whole thing from the very beginning I have been following it religiously for the past 2 – 3 weeks.

What I loved about the show:

  • Jessie & Natasha. I will be honest I loved these two ladies & had a huge girl crush on them. I loved how Natasha was such a fighter & could whip up the best dishes from whatever was thrown her way. I found Jessie incredibly sweet. The only time I saw her loose her cool was in the quarter – final with Krissi & given Krissi’s behaviour I do not blame Jessie for it.
  • The food. I never knew you could cook so many things. Alligator?! Really?! 😛 I was amazed at the variety of meat & vegetables these guys cooked. Alligators, pheasants, cow stomach lining, quail, fishes & sea food of all sorts, meat from all over the world, phew! The way they presented their stuff was incredible too. While I am a vegetarian & wouldn’t touch a majority of those things I loved how beautiful they looked on the plate.
  • Mystery boxes & the challenges: The team challenges were quite grand scale. Southern ranches, beaches, trails, top restaurants, weddings, I think they covered it all. By the way did anyone notice that the red team won most of the times. Also, the team with Krissi in it always lost 😛
  • The chef’s children: They were adorable. Just look at Elliot Jr’s eyes. They were just so cute & I could totally understand Ramsay Jr. asking Jessie if she had a boyfriend 😛 🙂

  • The constant strategies & game plans of the participants: I liked how they were professional in their attitudes & did not allow friendships & personal likes & dislikes to interfere with their decision making. I found Natasha a brilliant strategist, to the point where she might even appear ruthless to many. But then this is a competition, not a game & everything is fair in love & war.

What I disliked about the show:

  • I found the judges a bit too rude. Breaking dishes, spitting food, emptying plates in the dustbin were a bit too dramatic for me. Coming from a place where we never waste food, all the while the judges emptied the food in a bin I could not help thinking that you could have given it to an animal. It may not be restaurant quality but some poor, hungry man might eat it even then.
  • Before this I have seen the Australian & Indian versions of MasterChef. While I totally hated the drama in the Indian version, I loved the Australian MasterChef. The judges are a lot more polite & encouraging & overall the show is less dramatic than the American one. Joe was certainly the first of the three, trust him to find a fault with anything & everything while Elliot was sweet & a little more understanding than the other two.
  • Some parts of the show seemed quite well choreographed & planned. A strong contender like Natasha is almost sent home & they bring her back? Why? And she did not come back the way Lynn, Bime & Bri did. They eliminated no one that day just to save her which was disgusting & outright partial. I am so glad they did not declare a tie in the final round. It would have been too much. Also, Krissi. I did find her rude & insulting but even all her tantrums did get a bit repetitive & boring in the end. Not at all the behaviour of a single mother I would say. Her behaviour suited more a school bully than a mother.
  • Natasha & her expressions. While I admired her skills & strategies I seriously detested her constant disdainful looks. She looked down upon everyone in the competition. And while we know that when your competitor is praised your chance of a win decreases it would have been better had she not made faces like some silly 10 year old. Narrowing your eyes, refusing to clap, smirking at someone getting insulted, shaking your head to convey how hopeless you find some is all just so childish. When Luca won I was neutral, but then I saw her crestfallen expressions & I was glad she did not win. Attitude is nice & cool but too much of it sucks.
  • Italiano! While Luca was a gem of a person but his constant harping about being an Italian was getting on my nerves. We get it! You are proud to be an Italian, you are loving the fact that you are participating in this American show & your strongest point is your Italian cuisine but enough!

Will end this post with two pictures of Jessie I found on Tumblr….one of them is with her boyfriend 😉