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The Other Woman is a romantic comedy directed by Nick Cassavetes & stars Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, Kate Upton & Nikolaj Coster Waldau (NCW) in lead roles. I will be very honest. I saw this movie only for NCW. I had read a gist of the story, found it boring but decided to watch it anyways for this man alone. And hence I have no complaints about the movie! 🙂 😛

It gave me plenty of time to drool over NCW. He plays a womanizer who is cheating on his wife with not one but two women simultaneously. Hence naturally he is uber handsome, uber cool & totally hot. And while I do appreciate this fact I could not help but wonder as to why did he chose this role. It is nothing but a side character which anyone could have done. NCW was wasted in the movie as was Kate Upton who gets maximum action when shedding clothes & acting dumb.

The stars of the movie are Cameron Diaz & Leslie Mann & though I do not think wives/ mistresses can plot revenge on their husbands in real life by colluding with one another, in the movie it was all fun & entertaining. Leslie Mann is OTT but in a cute sort of way while Cameron tries to maintain some sense in the group.

Watch it when it comes on TV or if you really like any of the four of them. I watched it for NCW ❤ & have no regrets at all. 🙂