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I hate watching news channels & reading newspapers. I prefer just going through the headlines on the internet because to be honest I find reading newspapers very depressing & frustrating at the same time. Same goes with news channels too.

Today accidentally I had put on a leading regional news channel on which they were having a discussion with some minor political leaders from various political parties. The anchor was asking the BJP guy why the PM doesn’t reply to the constant breach of cease fire by Pakistan by launching an attack on Pakistan?

Dear Anchor,

  1. This man who has agreed to this interview is a very small leader. He isn’t even a cabinet minister. He has no authority to speak on the PM’s behalf. He only belongs to the PM’s party. How can you expect him to answer such an important question factually? So he must resort to talking about the past work of the ex – PM which has no relation to the question. This is the sort of ‘discussion’ which we see on news channel. Questions & answers which go round & round with each one trying to upstage the other. And heavens help him if he says something which is even remotely anti – Pakistan (because for some reason anti – Pakistan = anti – muslim for Indian media). Then they will get a headline for the next many days how the PM is anti – muslim. How did they come to this conclusion you ask? Illogically! 😛
  2. If the Government did have any plans to launch an attack on Pakistan do you think the PM is going to announce it the night before? Does the anchor expect an exclusive of some sort on this news? Who does that? Our media has already proven how sensible it is with respect to sensitive issues. This is the same media which was broadcasting the anti – terrorist operation which was taking place at The Taj Hotel during the Mumbai terror attacks providing a nice live telecast to terrorist factions.
  3. Also what is this obsession with ‘what work is Modi doing?’ I never saw the media being so concerned with what the past Prime Ministers did on a daily basis. India has suffered a mute PM for 10 years who was never questioned by an equally mute & indifferent media. So why has the media decided to maintain a daily diary of what PM Modi does? It has been 3 months since the guy has been elected. And yes we all have high expectations from him. But if you had shut up for 60 years why are you all of sudden so demanding in his 60 days of rule?

In other news (because news channels are all bulked together & while changing channels you have to go through a string of them):

  1. Sonia Gandhi, the Congress President was saying ever since Modi has become the PM the inter – caste feuds in Northern states (in which she included Maharashtra :P) have increased. Now that reflects more on the state governments (both states do not have BJP government) & on the opposition too. How come there was peace (they like to think everything was peaceful under their rule) in your rule but now there are fights everywhere? No one is stupid to instigate fights in their own rule!
  2. And let me end this post with a joke. Our favourite Lalu Prasad Yadav said that wherever Modi goes, destruction follows 😛 What a mature analysis of the PM & his work! >APPLAUSE< He is a lawyer. We can expect nothing less 😛