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Zindagi aired the last episode of Maat yesterday. I have been watching this show on & off. Nearly all Pakistani shows have beautiful title songs which they call OSTs (Original Sound Tracks). Maat is no exception. It is written by Sabir Zafar & performed by Muhammad Ali. Check out the OST of Maat below:

@Faisal: I think he was always clear that he loved Saman above everything & everyone else. Common sense, family, decency included. So I wasn’t much surprised when he once again chose Saman over Aiman. I would have even defended it in the name of “true love” (no matter how stupid & blind). But what disgusted me was him trying to poison Hadid’s mind. That was unforgivable. The woman who has given & only given from start to finish, to talk bad about her behind her back, to the son she loves more than life itself…leaves me speechless!
@Saman: The devil personified. She has no saving grace except one. She isn’t a hypocrite. She is evil, she accepts it, glories in it & doesn’t give a damn. So nothing she did surprised me. I am glad she ended up rich & lonely so that now that she has all the riches in the world she will finally realize that you cant eat money, money cannot drive away loneliness, money cannot offer you a good nights sleep. Faisal & Saman ending up with each other, together, yet each lost & alone was perfect.
@Aiman: Though she is portrayed as an angel I have no great sympathy for her. I think her love for Faisal made her as blind & stupid as Faisal’s for Saman. Her constant refusal to accept that her sister is a really horrible person, her meaningless sacrifices for people who didn’t value them & most of all the zero interest she has in her own life did not make me like her much. Faisal & Saman had a mother, they did not need another one. But even then I am glad she got to live out her old age with the son she loved so much. Finally she found some peace, respect & solace in her life.
The actors were all excellent in their roles. But even among them the ones playing Aiman (Aamina Sheikh) & Saman (Saba Qamar) stood out. While Saba dominates the screen in the start, Amina portrays a mature, old Aiman superbly. Her acting in the last episode today was especially brilliant. The scene where Hadid finally finds his mother was a very touching scene beautifully enacted by both the actors.
I won’t say I loved the show. Had I watched all the episodes daily I would have ended up hating it because I just cannot tolerate doormats who disguise themselves as angels. But since I watched it in an on & off manner I found it tolerable. The last episode is a must watch so that your faith in Karma is restored 😛 & so that you can appreciate the great talent that is Aamina Sheikh