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Coming from a country whose citizens are generally accused of being less aware about issues relating to environmental changes, need of water conservation, caring about leaving a better planet to our future generations I was mighty impressed when I read a little note in a bathroom in a hotel in Germany. The note asked guests to leave towels which they can reuse on the sink. Only towels which needed to be washed were to be left on the bathroom floor. According to the hotel management a lot of water can be saved if we do not wash clothes which we can reuse once or twice before they need to be washed.

Hence I was surprised to see the Ice Bucket Challenge gain such a popularity in the Western World. What good does it do dunking a bucketful of ice on ones head? Why not just donate the money? Or better yet why not volunteer in some organization which tends to patients suffering from any diseases. Anything is better than wasting buckets of water. The challenge assumed gigantic proportions as celebrities started participating. Every fan wanted his hero/ heroine to do the challenge (in a white T shirt please!). Whatever happened to water conservation now?

People may argue it is just one bucket. But the issue isn’t the one bucket. It is how many such ‘one buckets’ have been emptied. The number of people doing it is the whole problem. Some others are also saying that it isn’t drinking water. Well, when you are dying of thirst you don’t need mineral water. You will even drink from a puddle. That is what some people do in Africa. Hell, this condition even exists in some parts of Asia.

So disappointed to see gallons of water being wasted in the name of charity.

Meanwhile in India…

The Rice Bucket Challenge

While this is definitely much better than the Rice Bucket Challenge, why must we post videoes? 😛 Can’t we just donate anon? As an old saying in my country goes, when you donate with your right hand,even your left hand shouldn’t know about the donation. But anyways as long as it feeds the needy doesn’t matter. Hope this one catches on as the one which inspired it.