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I was extremely depressed this evening & hence pulled out a Jeffrey Archer book which has a collection of short stories. I had finished almost half the book the last time I had opened it. Then for some reason I had forgotten about it & moved on to other books. Today, the first story I read after such a long gap had me grinning from ear to ear.

Just Good Friends is a short story by Jeffrey Archer in a “Twist in the Tale”. The story starts with ‘her’ getting up early in the morning & then lying in bed pretending to be fast asleep while she waited for Roger who was fast asleep next to her to wake up. In the time it takes for Roger to wake up we have a glimpse into her past, a past which she never got a chance to tell Roger about, which was less than ideal. When her mother abandoned her & her sisters she went off alone, met a handsome sailor who left her with twins who were later snatched from her by the Government authorities. She is brought back to the present with the shrill ringing of the alarm. Roger wakes up & she pretends to be still asleep waiting for the perfect timing to final get up. Only when she hears a chair scrape downstairs does she bother leaving the bed. That was always the sign of Roger having prepared her breakfast. She studies her nails & goes downstairs to eat her favourite bowl of breakfast cereal. She conveys her pleasure with the swish of her tail! Who said they swished their tails only when they were angry.

The ending left me grinning from ear to ear because it is only in the end that we get to know that the ‘her’ is actually a cat! An interesting glimpse into the morning routine of a man by his cat.