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Khoobsurat (2014) is a romantic comedy starring Sonam Kapoor & Fawad Khan in lead roles. It is directed by Shashanka Ghosh.

Firstly this movie is not a remake of the 1980’s movie starring Rekha. It is similar but definitely not the same. Dr. Mili Chakravarti a chirpy physiotherapist enters the lives of the Royal family of Sambalpur & tries to inject some much needed dose of love & laughter in their lives.

What I loved:

  • Fawad Khan: He is an excellent actor & gives a great performance as Yuvraj Vikram Singh Rathod. I loved the fact that though he plays a reserved, introvert, disciplined rich guy he doesn’t use the age old abuse & anger method of showing it. He is very cultured even in his anger ❤ A special mention for his attention to detailing. Now I don’t know if it was him or the director who thought of it but to see him wear that kadaa (bracelet) which almost all Rajput men wear was a nice touch. 🙂
  • Sonam Kapoor: Surprisingly she is very good in this movie. After movies like Aisha & Delhi 6 I had swore to never watch another of her movies. While I must admit I watched this movie for Fawad & not her, she plays the exuberant doctor extremely well. She also manages to do the emotional parts pretty well. Sonam’s sense of style has always been impeccable & this movie is no exception.
  • Kiron Kher: In almost all movies Kiron plays an OTT loud mouthed character. But I am yet to be bored of watching her. She is such a natural in such roles. Her conversations with Mili are outstanding.
  • The inner dialogues of Vikram & Mili: I loved how many a times they thought one thing & said the other. It provided some really funny moments.
  • A clean movie: I was so tired of every movie having an item number with N number of vulgarities in it. This is a clean movie with no cringe worthy item numbers, no barely clothed girls, no bad words, no toilet humour. It felt so good!
  • The songs: After a long time we have a Hindi movie with Hindi songs. And some great music. I loved almost all the songs. They have a modern day touch to them but aren’t too anglicized. My personal favourite has to be Ma ka phone which I am definitely going to set as the caller tune for my Mom 😛
  • The chemistry between Vikram & Mili: Sizzling hot is all I will say ❤

What I did not like:

  • More comedy, less romance: Since it is a romcom you expect a balance of romance & comedy. The comedy was perfectly handled but I think the romance was slightly rushed, especially the ‘falling in love’ part. I never understood when exactly the workaholic Prince’s heart melted & he fell for the chirpy doctor. They should have made it into a full fledged 3 hour movie & shown us in greater details the hows & whens of the Prince falling in love.
  • Ratna Pathak: When they had announced the movie she was the one person whose performance I had been dying to see (yes, even more than Fawad :P). But she left me sorely disappointed. She is still hung up on her Maya Sarabhai image & doesn’t really look a Royal.
  • The dynamics in the Royal family: I get it, they are a little estranged, but somehow they never seemed like a family. They seemed like individuals living together. There was no chemistry between this family. It became more obvious when we saw how well the Chakravartis gelled in the little five minutes we saw them.

The movie has some great funny moments. It is a nice movie & you won’t regret watching this one. 🙂

All images/ gifs from Tumblr