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Another  novel idea by the PM. On the occasion of M. K. Gandhi’s birth anniversary NaMo urged Indians to pick up brooms & clean the country. A nice thing for sure. We must all ensure our country, city, surroundings are clean. But strangely when I saw this picture of Modi in the newspaper I was reminded of a quote of Melisandre from A Song of Ice & Fire.

“The false humility of youth that is itself a sort of pride. It was never wise for a ruler to eschew the trappings of power, for power itself flows in no small measure from such trappings.”
Food for thought Mr. Prime Minister. You do not even have the excuse of youth!
We often see politicians with brooms in their hands trying to woo voters. I am all for dignity of labour but seeing the PM sweeping the streets was something I could have done without. No job is beneath anyone, but the post you handle has a certain level attached to it which must be maintained at all times. Your job is to organize not to do the actual work. Delegation is the mark of a good leader after all. Hence while I applauded your efforts for the Ganga Purification Project, I cringed when I saw you sweeping the streets. I did not like seeing the PM of my country do this, no matter what his intentions were.