A week ago I had a harrowing experience while I was returning home from work. I managed to secure a window seat. Dumping my bag on the overhead rack I promptly started reading my book. And when the train stopped I just got down forgetting the bag above.

Now you see I am never ever careless about anything. NEVER. And this was no ordinary bag. It had a file with all my original certificates in it. As I walked a little distance I remembered that something was missing in my hand. And I stood rooted to the spot, utterly shocked, that I had forgotten such an important thing on the train. I turned immediately & ran like crazy. And then I did another stupid thing. The train was right there, waiting to begin its journey back. The horn hooted. Common sense told me to just get in any compartment & then move to the next compartment when the train halted at the next station. But I kept going, hoping luck would favour me & I would reach my compartment on time. The train’s horn hooted a second time. I should have boarded it then. I didn’t! The train lurched forward & I watched aghast as my certificates moved out of my reach with it. I stood there paralyzed in shock.

Getting those certificates which I had gathered over the years back from their respective schools, colleges, institutes, universities would take ages. The time & effort needed would be worse than the money that would go in completing all the procedures. I wanted to just stand there & cry but I refused to give up. As the train faded into the distance finally my brain returned to its normal functioning. I ran to the railway police, in my haste forgetting to note the time of the train which had just departed. The woman police asked me to call the Railway Helpline. I immediately dialed their number & gave them all the possible details of the bag & the station from which it had left & where it was heading. On their advice I met the station master to know the exact time of departure & called back to update them.

My expectations were quite low as things lost in public transport hardly ever go back to their owners. So imagine my surprise when within the next 15 minutes I got a call from the Railway Police asking me to collect my bag from the station from where they had taken it off the train.

I cannot thank the Mumbai Railway Police enough for their timely help. They not only saved me money but also precious hours which would have been lost visiting & revisiting countless government offices. A big THANK YOU! 🙂 🙂 🙂