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It is my favourite time of the year! 🙂 A string of festivals which began in the holy month of Shravan are drawing to an end. But they end in the most fabulous of ways, with loads of sweets, festivities, lanterns & fairy lights.

While I was down with fever for the past few days, nothing could curb my enthusiasm come Diwali. Some pictures from Diwali at my place this year.

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Wax lamps, which I am planning to light tomorrow, though I have yet to figure out how these will stand up as the bases of these lamps are quite small.

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A traditional oil lamp which I have put on my doorstep & at the windows

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The picture isn’t great & for that matter neither are the lights. I like the flickering ones in a variety of colours but my Mom bought it at the last minute & I did not have the heart to criticize.

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A beautiful lantern in its most traditional form & colour