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Making people, especially people related to the medical profession, work 365 days can be quite dangerous. I had been to a lab to get my blood tested. The lab was all nicely decorated & there weren’t many patients there.

My turn came soon enough. I got worried when I saw two lab assistants arguing about how they too deserved a holiday for Diwali. One of them was readying a needle which would be used to collect my blood sample. I surely didn’t want that one in a bad mood 😛

As expected, the nurse expressed her discontent by jabbing the needle in my poor arm & drew out a syringeful of blood. Even worst was her pushing the cotton swab to my arm!

Anyways the rangoli outside the lab cheered me up again. It is difficult to be grouchy during Diwali & I could almost understand the women’s displeasure in having to work on Diwali day 🙂 People’s talent in drawing these amazing rangoli’s will never fail to amaze me. I wish I could draw one of these some day.

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