Mockingjay is Suzanne Collins’ dystopian novel, in continuation of The Hunger Game series, featuring the brave young protagonist Katniss Everdeen, in her quest to unify Panem.


What I liked:

That it ended! Such bliss! Finally its over!!!

What I didn’t like: 

  • The entire book
  • Katniss is a bitch.  Just accepting you are a bitch doesn’t make you a better person. You are still a bitch.
  • Peeta is a total wimp in this book.
  • Katniss did not have to choose between Gale & Peeta. Since Gale left & Peeta was the only man left in her immediate universe & since he was such a desperate wimp they got married.
  • The ending of this book is way too abrupt. The epilogue is rushed & you are just informed about what happened to all those who survived.
  • Why did Katniss’s mother not come back to 12? Seeing how your daughter reacted to you abandoning her the first time I had assumed mother – daughter will stick together. But sadly no.
  • President Snow, the main villain of the story is captured & we get all the action in one small paragraph. WOW! Of course Collins had better things to describe like everyone’s clothes, hair & make up.
  • The author is fixated with fashion & showbiz. Irrespective of the situation we get detailed descriptions of what Katniss is wearing, how her hair are, how she is being trained (a 13 mutt??) to talk, walk, act, fight.
  • When you have been suffering from birth will a person pre – programmed to impress you really impress you? Won’t you be skeptical of trusting & following such a person? How all the citizens of the 13 districts follow Katniss after seeing her constantly on TV giving out cliched lines is beyond me. While some of her genuine moments might impress but I wouldn’t want my leader so much on TV with her few select pals. All those PR activities would just drive me away from such a leader.
  • There was too much Katniss. Everything is about her. Her POV, her life, her thoughts, her likes, her dislikes. And unfortunately Katniss Everdeen isn’t deep enough to warrant three books on her alone.
  • The whole book felt like reading the text version of a video game. One action sequence after another. Running, shooting, blood, hiding.

This is the worst book I have read in a real long time. I am so going to sell the three books & get at least 5% of my money back. How I wish I had never bought them.