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I had been dying to watch this movie. Benedict Cumberbatch, World War II, Britain, Germany…yes it has it all that interests me. 🙂

This movie saw me doing many firsts. For the first time I used this mobile app (bookmyshow) in order to book a show, otherwise I am the traditionalist standing in queues to buy my tickets. After that I managed to book tickets for the first day second show of the movie (next target: first day first show). I also, for the first time booked a Rs. 500 ticket which turned out to be for the gold class, where you get recliner couches on which you can lie on your backs & watch the movie. This was a special screen where we were only twenty of us. Was great fun overall.

Now getting back to the movie.

What I liked:

  • I loved the movie. While at the start I was thinking about how Ben should just stop doing the same type of roles again & again, as the movie progressed I realized that I was wrong. While Alan Turing is a genius like Sherlock, as reticent as him, he is still a lot different than Sherlock. But even then would like to see Ben do something which has no trace of Sherlock in it. Enough of the brooding, uber intelligent men roles now!
  • All the actors are great in their respective roles; especially Ben, Charles Dance & . The actor playing a young Alan is a perfect choice for that role. It might as well have been Ben from many years ago 🙂 I even liked Keira Knightley in this movie for a change.
  • The World War period is beautifully recreated. All those old machines, those women in their skirts & hats, the men in their uniforms…I so wanted to get in there with them all.
  • The music manages to take us back to the 1940’s.
  • Sometimes it is the people who no one imagines anything of who do the things no one can imagine
  • I liked that they kept Alan Turing gay. When I had heard that Keira had been cast I had assumed they would conveniently forget that Alan was a homosexual. But I am happy they didn’t cut out that part of his life.
  • The part where Alan has started his hormonal therapy had me in tears. How unjust is it to treat a man’s personal choice as a disease.
  • Even worse than that scene was the one where a little Alan loses Christopher, later gets him back & then even willingly undergoes treatment so that the Government won’t separate him from his beloved Christopher. 😥

What I did not like:

  • Ben is good as Alan. But when you are that good people expect even better. So I was disappointed to see Sherlock lurking somewhere in Alan.
  • They skipped the suicide. Isn’t that an important part of his life? His contribution to the nation was entirely forgotten just because he was a homosexual & then a movie on him covers this as a little line at the bottom towards the end?
  • Why is the movie called The Imitation Game? Sorry if this seems like a dumb question but I couldn’t understand the title. I think Enigma suited it better but maybe I am missing something here.


While Ben was good as Alan I hope people don’t forget Alan while going crazy over Ben. I am so fed up with how gradually the actors always take over the characters. It was worth watching it in the theaters.