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A friend shared this wonderful BBC article of birds remembering people who were kind to them & returning their kindness with gifts.


A few months ago I started visiting a temple regularly before going to office. Outside this temple two cows were tied up, an orange one who must be the mother & her brown calf. Their owner sat with them with a huge stack of green fresh grass from which you can buy & feed the cows. I had seen my grandmother do this many times before but had never done it myself since I found those huge things frightening, especially after one had managed to lick my hand after I had dared to feed it once on my granny’s insistence. However after a few days I bought my first handful of grass for Rs.5. I made it a regular practice after that.

Some days later, I observed that they instinctively looked up each time I came near them. I might be across the road, but they would sense me coming to them & would look up from their feeding or licking or tail swishing or whatever thing they would be busy doing at the time. One morning the cow even got up when she saw me. She must have been real hungry I guess!

No words can express the joy you feel when an animal eats out of your hand willingly. It is even better when they come to you willingly, almost competing with each other to reach you first. 🙂 And you feel extremely special when they remember you. Nothing can beat that feeling ever!

Just look at those eyes. How can you not fall in love ❤

Picture from Tumblr