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Goshta Tashi Gamtichi is the story of a father – son duo who are separated by the generation gap. The mother as usual is caught up between these two people who love her & whom she loves equally & does everything she can to end their differences without trying to be too interfering.

What I liked:

  • Mangesh Kadam (Sanjay): He plays the oft exasperated father brilliantly. Sanjay Dixit is a simple, honest, hard working middle class man who has forever lived within his means. His dreams, his ambitions are all limited by an active conscious who won’t let him spend more than he earns. A man of principles, he is aghast when he sees his son dreaming dreams which are far too big. So big that he knows he cannot fulfill them with his limited salary. From there begins the tug of war between father & son as each tries to convince the other how wrong the other person’s thoughts & their way of living are. He screams, he shouts, but most importantly he loves! He loves his wife & his son & it is quite apparent even when the father & son are at their worst.
  • Leena Bhagwat (Vasanti): A brilliant actress, she plays the mother & the wife, the two most difficult roles in any home. She wants the father to understand her son’s youthful ambitions. She wants her son to understand her husband’s fears, principles & the necessity of living within ones means for any middle class family. Vasanti survives these little conflicts because she is a happy – go – lucky person by nature. She is essentially the backbone of this family who is keeping the entire bunch of them together.
  • Shashank Ketkar (Kunal): Shashank became very popular recently when he played Shrirang Gokhale in a famous Marathi show Honar Soon Mi Hya Gharchi. His popularity is apparent from the many whistles he earns when he steps on to the stage. He plays a recently graduated college student who dreams big & plans to start his own business. His idols are Mukesh Ambani, Ratan Tata & the likes. The play starts with his theoretical ambitions & ends with him realizing that Mukesh Ambani is what he is today because he had a firm support in his father Dhirubhai Ambani. His mother is the one who makes him realize that only those plants which are deeply rooted grow into huge trees. There is nothing wrong in dreaming big but all dreams should have a little touch of practicality to them.
  • The scene where the mother finally speaks up: This is the second last scene of the drama. It is a brilliant piece of writing. Seeing that the son’s ambitions & the father’s stubbornness is causing a rift in their family, Vasanti finally decides to speak up. She makes the son understand the importance of having roots. She makes him see that old is gold is not just an overused saying. Instead it is a fact of life, a way of life. She even makes her husband understand that when all things in this world change with time how will our children be exactly like we were? Won’t the new generation too be a changed one? Whether the change is better or not would differ from individual to individual, but change is unavoidable. Rather than crib about it, parents would be better off accepting it gracefully for not all change is bad. The little examples of old songs & whatsapp groups used to illustrate these major points are something everyone can relate to.
  • The Juhu beach scene: Amazing scene. And a very bold scene too. I had never expected a kiss onstage in a Marathi drama 😛

What I did not like:



I enjoyed every single moment of the show. It would be wrong to call it a comedy for we usually associate comedy with mindless laughter. This show is much more than that. It has some very important lessons for each generation to learn which it conveys successfully to the audience through the medium of comedy. The dialogues are a major strength of this play. They aren’t too over the top preachy. They are in a language which we use today, which is in fact a major achievement in itself.

A 5/5 from my side. I would love to watch this drama again.