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*Book & episode spoilers ahead*

The wait is over & GoT is back! While I was dead sure that I will no longer watch GoT after the debacle that was S4 I am not even surprised that I am still watching it. With no more books coming GoT in some ways keeps me connected to Westeroes. The D&D version of things sucks, but henceforth I will be watching the show only for the actors.

Like all previous first episodes of all the seasons this one too set up the stage for things to come.

Cersei & Maegi

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The episode starts with a flashback, a first in the history of GoT. In my imagination the Maegi was an ugly, old hag & was set up in a tent somewhere in the middle of a fair. But this one was in a forest & not much old. Though much of her prophecy is the same as in the books, the crucial valonquar part was missing. So why does Cersei hate Tyrion so much?


(I am so sure Meryn Trant is going to take up Osmund Kettleblack’s place on the show)

The humanization of Cersei which starts in the flashback where she doesn’t kill her own friend continues as she goes in to the Sept & almost worships her father with her words. Instead of hating to wear black again & thinking about what how it doesn’t suit her, she is chastising Jaime about being a hopeless son to the most wonderful daddy in Westeroes.

While everyone is (pretending to) mourning the death of Lord Tywin there is one person who is extremely happy by this turn of events. Ser Loras Tyrell. Already over the deaths of his most beloved Renly & his show only love Oberyn he is currently in bed with Olyvar. He is happy that he will no longer have to wed Cersei as without Tywin she won’t marry him. While he is worried how his little sister will cope with having Cersei around full time, Margery has it all planned in her head & is least bothered about the former Queen. (Thank you, thank you D&D for not giving us a threesome here).

Lancel, Cersei’s cousin is now a Sparrow, a religious sect which is fast over taking King’s Landing.


Dany is beginning her peaceful rule as Queen by tearing down statues of the Harpy. An Unsullied soldier is killed by a Son of the Harpy while he is visiting a brothel. Much like Missandei even I would like to know why would an Unsullied visit a brothel. Not completely emotionless after all? Dany is naturally pissed off & sends her people to ensure justice is done. She also has some very stupid lines about being a Queen, not a politician. So first she is wasn’t a Queen, but a Khaleesi. Now she isn’t a politician, but a Queen. What next? Hizdahr asks her to reopen the fighting pits which she finds wrong & refuses. It it only when the words come out of Daario’s mouth while he is in her bed that they seem sensible & convincing to her ears.


Get Out Mommy!

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Dany is shocked to find that she can no longer control her two dragons whom she had chained up in the pyramid. When she goes to meet them they greet her with fire. The poor Queen runs away.

Sansa and Littlefinger

Sansa is watching Sweet Robin learn to fight with a sword when Lord Baelish gets a raven. Leaving Sweet Robin in the care of Lord Royce, he sets off with Sansa to a place where even Cersei Lannister won’t be able to find her. Brienne & Pod are desperately in search of Sansa.

At the Wall Stannis actually is on screen for more than a minute! And they have even given him some dialogues. Melisandre is sent by Stannis to bring Jon to him. Enroute (in an elevator!) she asks him if he is a virgin. When he asks her if she is never cold, she makes him feel her warm cheeks to prove to him that the fire burns continuously in her. 😛 (We all know where this is going!)

Melisandre: Ready to Litt Up Mance 😛

Stannis wants Jon to talk to Mance. He is ready to forgive the Wildlings if they join him in his war against Roose Bolton. Jon tries to convince Mance about helping Stannis but he is adamant & refuses to kneel. Stannis offers Mance to the Red God. As he stands there screaming as the flames burn him Jon puts him out of his misery by shooting.

Tyrion has crossed the Narrow Sea & reached Pentos with Vary’s help. Varys tries to enroll him in his cause of putting Dany on the Iron Throne, but Tyrion isn’t interested. All he wants is to drink till he finally dies. He has is done with politics, he is done with Westeroes. Still mourning for Shae; in spite of having killed her with his own hands; he agrees to accompany Varys to Meeren if he is allowed to drink himself to death on the road to Meeren.

The episode was good. It was good to see all my darlings back.

The wait begins for the next episode “The House of Black & White”

  • Ellaria is back in Dorne & she is angry
  • Arya reaches the House of Black & White
  • Cersei receives a velied threat about Myrcella from Dorne
  • Mother of Dragons confused…again!
  • Brienne fighting with someone
  • And Drogon