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*book & show spoilers*

The title of this chapter has had me hopping about like crazy ever since it was announced. This means Arya finally reaches Braavos, this means the Faceless Men, this means the Kindly Man. This means the very handsome Jaqen H’ghar since there had been rumours of casting him. ❤

❤ ❤ ❤

Lord Tywin would be so conflicted about you at the moment Ser Kevan. You dare defy his daughter, the Light of the West Cersei, of House Lannister. But then you are taking no shit from the Queen Regent either, just like any Lannister worth his salt would do!

Sansa refuses Brienne’s help. Can’t say I blame her. Brienne has changed sides many times now & Sansa has had enough betrayals. But she seems super comfy with Baelish. Is she just playing the game or does she think she has found her knight in shining armour in him?

While on Tumblr I found this quote from Gwen:

“Brienne kneels before Sansa in an exact mimic of the oath she made to Catelyn Stark,” Christie says. “And Sansa says, ‘No.’ But in the script, it says there’s the tiniest look in Sansa’s eyes. The script says the look is telling Brienne: ‘Get the f–k out of Dodge.’” So Sansa’s rejection of Brienne—unlike Arya’s dismissal of her last season—was probably at least partly out of concern for Brienne’s safety. “We can be romantic about it and say that, in that moment, maybe there’s a connection, some part Catelyn that’s within Sansa, that’s trying to help me, to urge me on.” – Gwendoline Christie

Shireen teaching Gilly to read. I love that girl. She is just all things cute.

Cersei insulting Jaime & asking him to be a good father. WTF D&D! R.I.P book Jaime! I still love you in the books though in the show I wish you would just die. But then I will miss NCW 😦 Jaime >>> NCW! Kill him please!

Whatever happened to Ellaria’s voice? I am sure it sounded much better last season? Bad throat? Or just bitterness & anger. Another character which is much better in the books. They just made her look completely mad on the show.

Everybody welcome the 998th Lord Commander of the Knight’s Watch. ❤ How I wish the raven had cawed out Snow Snow Snow. But well, as long as Jon became LC it doesn’t matter.

Arya finally reaches Braavos! The building is so huge & majestic. So the Kindly Man (who wasn’t very kind to her) is Jaqen?

The House of Black & White

The Titan of Braavos

Lollys isn’t mad. She isn’t pregnant. Now whom will Bronn name Tyrion? 😦

Jaime & Bronn off to Dorne.

Tyrion & Varys off to Meereen via Volantis.

Dany makes a wrong decision! Another one! Why is she even surprised anymore? I am happy Barristan tells her to her face how horrible her father truly was. Drogon pays her a visit & flies away again

    Oh my handsome baby! :-*

           This reminds me of Gollum from LOTR 😛

Episode title: The house of Black & White. Screen time for the House of Black & White: 5 min??

Note: I am unable to find the sources of these gifs. I found them all on Tumblr. If any of it are yours please let me know so I can give credit. Also, there seems to be some problems with WordPress as I am not able to format this post properly. x-(