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*book & show spoilers*

From next week the GoT fandom will be present in full force. Many will be watching/ downloading & then watching the episodes at the same time & hence Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter will be abuzz with activity. Since the first four episodes were leaked & many of the fans saw the episodes before hand there had been a certain dullness even after the show aired. Hopefully I will get all my old fellow fans back come next week. 🙂

Jorah drags a bound & gagged Tyrion into a boat which he has stolen (but only after throwing some gold at the boatsman he just punched unconscious).

Jaime is angry at Tyrion for having murdered Tywin. So now Jaime gets a reason to be angry at Tyrion, while Tyrion has no reason…well he did…but he doesn’t.

Cersei ships off Lord Tyrell with Meryn Trant as his personal bodyguard to pay a visit to the Ion Bank.

Cersei arms the faith militants. Sigh

Lancel gets himself tattooed with the 7 pointed star while fanatics loot & kill everything & everyone they think of as immoral.


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The Sparrows arrest Loras. Margery fumes while Tommen is as unaware of things as he could possibly be. He is as useless as his show father. Oh bring Joffrey back! At least he wasn’t such a wimpy puppet. He made decisions…all wrong…but he made them on their own & hell he knew how to keep Cersei in check. And that smirking whore from Highgarden too 😉

Tommen goes to meet the High Sparrow to request/ command him to release Loras but is stopped by his minions. He returns empty handed when people on the street start calling him a bastard, an abomination.   Realizing how useless her husband is Margery decides to bring in Granny.

Selyse is sorry for not having provided Stannis with a male heir. But she is more sorry for giving him a weakness in the form of a deformed daughter. Meli says the scars do not matter to the Lord of Light as Shireen has the King’s blood. Now I would be pleased with her if there didn’t exist a certain theory which says she will be burning Shireen for her royal blood to revive Jon.

Stannis promises to not leave Meli behind this time as they march to WF. Meli asks Jon to accompany them when they ride South. Meli tries to convince Jon by shedding her clothes & seducing him with life & death speeches. He is impressed by what he sees, but still not convinced & stops things before the shadow baby manufacturing process starts. Meli walks out tossing the “you know nothing Jon Snow” line at him.

That scene with Shireen & Stannis. Oh God! Cuteness overload! I love you Stannis. I love you Shireen. :-*


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Sansa is lighting candles in the crypt at WF. Baelish tells her about the famous toruney of Harrenhal. The story ends with Sansa calling Rhaegar a kidnapper & a rapist. LF doesn’t contradict her.

LF tells Sansa he is leaving for KL. She is upset about being left alone here with the Boltons but he assures her that it wont be long before Stannis comes to WF. LF thinks that out of gratitude for Ned Stark’s support Stannis will name Sansa Wardness of the North. Plan B (in case Stannis is defeated or never comes to WF) is to marry Ramsay & outmaneuver the Boltons.

Bronn & Jaime land in Dorne. Show Jaime’s great big ambition is to die in the arms of the woman he loves. Bronn asks him if she wants the same thing too 😛


Some brilliant fighting by Bronn here

  The Sand snakes come to know from the ship captain about Jaime landing in Dorne. Useless Jaime.


  Tyrion annoys Jorah enough with his mumblings to make him take off the gag. Then follows some intelligent cannon guess work by Tyrion where in he identifies Jorah Mormont correctly. He touches a raw nerve when he says Dany might not forgive Jorah & gets slapped in return.


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  Barristan grandpa is telling Dany tales of the kind Rhaegar Targaryen who liked to sing on the streets, made money only to pass it on to the poor.     Hizdahr once again tries to emphasize the importance of the fighting pits to Dany. While this discussion is still on the sons of the Harpy attack citizens of Meereen. The Unsullied led by Grey Worm fight with the sons of the Harpy. Barristan joins in the fight & is killed as well & is soon followed by Grey Worm

Source: iheartgot.tumblr.com

Next week on Game of Thrones


  • Dany is going to lose it after Grandpa’s death
  • Tyrion sees a glimpse of the Dragon
  • Brienne worried about Sansa
  • Jon preparing for the battles to come
  • And was that Stannis marching out to Winterfell?