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Finally the wait is over. For those who watched the leaked episodes I mean 🙂 All brand new episodes coming up…

What a way to start the episode! Dany imprisons all the heads of Meereen’s families & feeds one of them to her dragons while the others watch. Phew! Her father would be so proud of her.

Why is the Wall getting letters about what is going on in Essos?

Westeroes is unfortunate that none of the men who were born rulers (Aemon Targaryen, Tywin Lannister) never sat on the Iron Throne. They were instead given the roles of advisers. And they always gave sane advice like Maester Aemon advising Jon to “Kill the Boy” & let the man be born. Though I do wish he had heard Jon out fully.

Jon Snow--Official HBO

Jon frees Tormund & asks him to bring the Wildlings south of the Wall. But Tormund wants Jon to accompany him. None of this makes much sense. Jon has a discussion about his crusade with the men of the Night’s Watch & the men there are more free & disobedient than the wildlings (which Jon will learn much later at a great cost!). He has a legit logical explanation for his plan. But instead of using that to get people on his side he tries some emotional garbage.

Pod does a turncloakey thing & says Sansa is away from the Lannisters & maybe she is better off with the Boltons. He was a shy guy. He was never stupid! And he was loyal to Tyrion …a Lannister! Screw every single character D&D. Ruin them all!

A man (who unfortunately reminded me of the farmer from Jaime & Brienne’s road trip) comes up with food for Brienne & Pod. She tells him she needs to get a message to Sansa. After revealing she swore an oath to Cat, she finally asks the question she should have asked first. Whom do you serve? Some naked show time between Myranda & Ramsay where they discuss Sansa. The man who Brienne met seems to have done the work. The lady with the famous “The North Remembers” line tells Sansa that if she was ever in trouble she should light a candle in the highest window of the broken tower. Sansa goes to the tower & memories rushed back as I saw Bran falling from the tower again 😦

Myranda & Sansa talk about the past & she leads her to Theon. Sansa is enraged to see him & walks away. Reek confesses to Ramsay that Sansa saw him in the kennels.

Sansa and Ramsay have dinner-Official HBO

At breakfast Ramsay proposes a toast to their upcoming nuptials which Sansa does not drink. Ramsay calls Reek to serve him more wine & tries to goad Sansa by reminding her of Reek’s crimes against her family dropping in the dreaded “The North Remembers” line. Ramsay continues in the psycho vein & makes Reek apologize to Sansa while Roose looks on. He also decides that Reek will give away Sansa at their wedding. Roose then just serves Lady Walda’s head to Ramsay on a platter by saying she is pregnant & the Maester says it might be a boy.


Ramsay & Roose have some conversation very unsuitable between a father – son before getting to the point of who would be Roose’s heir in the long run. Roose tells Ramsay the story of his birth which is not as impressive as in the books & makes it more meh by asking Ramsay’s “help” in defeating Stannis.

A scene with Samwell Tarly, Gilly & later Stannis where the Citadel, Oldtown & Randyll Tarly are mentioned. Maybe we get to see these three next season. Samwell tells him that he killed a white walker with dragonglass. Stannis senses the need to prepare for the challenges to come. Another reason  for me to love Stannis: he encourages people to read ❤

Dany decides to open the fighting pits but declares that only free men will fight in them. There will be no slavery in her rule. And then goes on to order Hizdahr to marry her (when did he ever ask for that?)

Source: gameofthronesdaily.com

In order to avoid pirates Jorah takes Tyrion through Valyria. Tyrion sees Drogon fly overhead & just as both Jorah & him are looking at him awestruck stone men attack them. Jorah pulls a Jon Con & protects Tyrion from the stone men & just like Jon Con gets Grey Scale.

Next week on Game of Thrones

  • Arya on her way to becoming No One
  • Trystane & Myrcella romancing
  • The Queen of Thorns is back to attend her grandson’s trial
  • Cersei & LF talk
  • Some shots of a horrified Sansa & a smiling Ramsay