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Love Birds is a Marathi drama written & directed by Girish Joshi. It has Mukta Barve, Omkar Gowardhan & Vidyadhar Joshi in lead roles. Ketaki Saraf is seen in a supporting role.

I had gone to watch this play for Mukta. I had presumed from the name that the play would be a romcom or a sweet love story. Far from it, it turned out to be a suspense drama. And was I disappointed? Not at all. 🙂

Mukta & Omkar play a married couple. At the very beginning Vishwaas (Omkar) meets with an accident & ends up with partial memory loss. His loving wife Devika (Mukta) nurses him back to health. The story starts when he returns to his office after many months & sees a bill of Rs. 5 lakhs on his table for love birds purchased by him. When even his secretary Supriya (Ketaki Saraf) has no idea about this expense he ends up calling the shop owner from whom he had purchased the love birds. It turns out that the man is in fact a private detective he had hired to spy on his wife. Vishwaas had suspected his wife of having an affair with a man named Abhijeet.

We see Abhijeet & their past through a projector & few slides. The needle of suspicion passes from Devaki to Vishwaas constantly. But even the accusations keep changing. An extra marital affair turns into a murder. But then the murdered person turns out to be alive & the one who was supposed to be alive is actually someone else entirely.

The script is complicated. But it is handled effectively by the director. Through flashbacks on slides & effective dialogues we eventually reach a very satisfactory conclusion.

All the actors are perfect for their respective roles. But special mention must be given to Mukta Barve & Vidyadhar Joshi. Mukta dons many hats, loving wife, scheming woman, girlish girlfriend, psychotic murderer. Vidyadhar Joshi plays the quirky detective perfectly.

The idea of showing past scenes through a projector was something I saw for the first time. The idea itself is novel & good. But the quality of images & videos used could have been better. The costumes too leave a lot to be desired. For a woman who boasts about her money often enough Devika’s dresses are very tacky. The music creates the perfect suspense background for the show.

A 5/5 for the play.