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*show & book spoilers*

Tumblr is bursting with D&D hatred. The only thing it is talking about is the rape of Sansa Stark.  But the episode did have other things.




Arya is scrubbing corpses. When she is done doing that she is trying to become a good liar & also a good guesser of lies. Important qualities to become a faceless man. A man comes with his dying daughter to the House of Black & White. He finds Arya scrubbing the floors & tells her about his dying daughter. He wants her suffering to end. Arya lies to the little girl about her father bringing her there when she was sick. She lies that drinking from the fountain cured her even as she holds a vessel full of the fountain water to the girl’s lips. And soon enough Arya is scrubbing her corpse too. Jaqen observes this stealthily. She follows Jaqen to a room containing faces by the thousands. Jaqen observes that Arya isn’t ready to become No One, but she is willing to become someone else 🙂



Tyrion & Jorah are still unable to find any villages where they might find food. Tyrion tells Jorah about his father’s Jeor’s death in a mutiny beyond the Wall. Jorah tells Tyrion of how Dany & her babies converted him from a cynic to a believer. Tyrion asks him some common sense questions which he answers with the usual rubbish you will see Khaleesi fans spewing everywhere. Before they can argue their points further they are captured by slavers. The slavers are ready to chop off Tyrion’s cock after killing him for its magic powers but he manages to convince them to let him live so that a potential buyer knows that the cock came from a dwarf. Tyrion convinces them that Jorah is a fighter of great fame from Westeroes once he hears that the fighting pits have been reopened by Dany. Jorah asks the slavers to take him to Slaver’s Bay & allow him to fight in the pits so that he can prove his worth.


And we are back to stinking King’s Landing…


Little Finger reaches KL & is threatened on the streets by Brother Lancel (our old Lancel Lannister).  LF, even though he admits that he thrives on chaos, tries to knock some sense into Cersei. Naturally, it falls on deaf ears. He tells Cersei about Sansa being in Winterfell & of her impending nuptials to Ramsay. In exchange for being made Warden of the North, Little Finger agrees to march the Knights of the Vale (against a Stark, imagine that!) to Winterfell & put Sansa’s head on a spike. Even Cersei wouldn’t be that stupid to agree to give LF full sway over the East & then the North with Harrenhal thrown in as well.


Myrcella & Trystane have some nauseating Disney style romance while Areo & Doran look on. Doran orders Areo to protect the two all the time. Show Jaime (looking handsome & dashing as a Dornishman) comes to the Water Gardens with Bronn. While strolling through broad daylight (which is their idea of stealth) in the Gardens they come upon Trystane & Myrcella kissing some more. Jaime tries to get Myrcella to talk to him but Trystane interferes & is about to attack Bronn when he slaps him unconscious. As Jaime tries to take Myrcella aside the sand snakes arrive & a battle ensues between them & Jaime & Bronn. Myrcella looks on like a dumb girl, helping neither side just worried about her injured Trystane.  A sand snake (I just dont remember who is who) tries to take her away at knife point but the moment is saved by the timely arrival of Areo. He makes the ‘children’ stop their silly fight & peace is restored quickly (temporarily).


Lady Olenna & Cersei exchange insults. But Cersei refuses to budge from her stand. Loras is questioned by the High Septon. He denies of his involvement with Renly & all the other charges against him. The High Septon calls Margery next. She refuses any knowledge of Loras having had any relation with Renly or any other man. Olly is brought in next & he admits to sleeping with Loras. He also admits that Margery knew of their relationship. The High Septon orders a trial for both Loras & Margery for lying in front of the Gods. This charge will be much easier to get away with than the one in the books, Marg.


Myranda the Cruel 😛 tries to do something decent by telling Sansa Stark of Winterfell the reality about her husband – to – be. Now after hearing such rumours, true or not, and getting clues from Reek/ Theon, any wise girl would start lighting those candles in the Tower. But of course Sansa & wisdom don’t go together all that well.


They have dressed up Sansa in a white/grey dress with a white fur collar. Guess that is supposed to remind us of a lamb about to be slaughtered. For the first time Sophie looked ugly. The things D&D can achieve are amazing.

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Showing a lot of snark to inconsequential people like Reek & Myranda Sansa arrives for her wedding which to be honest looks more like a funeral. Well, it is a funeral. She just doesn’t know it yet. As the vows were being exchanged I so wanted Summer to pounce on all these usurpers! Ugh!!! Why can’t you make such changes D&D. The Old God’s did nothing to protect one of their own 😦


Post wedding/ funeral, Ramsay leads Sansa to her room in Winterfell where he goes on to rape her while he makes Theon watch. Thank you D&D for not giving us the actual scene. From past experience I know you are perfectly capable of such grossness. Thank you for sparing us this one time. Though Alfie Allen, your expressions told the whole tale 😦


About Sansa Stark: Am I a fan of Sansa? No. Was I happy seeing Sansa getting raped? No. But I wasn’t happy reading Jeyne Poole get raped either. Both these scenes were disgusting. Yes, Sansa has a much better story line in the books. At the moment at least. But how do we know Harry doesn’t do something similar with her in the next books? Because both the show & book Sansa are making one common mistake; they are trusting LF.

I am surprised that people are openly saying that it was OK when it happened with Jeyne but Sansa has already suffered so much & did not deserve this, especially in her own home. Well Winterfell was like a second home to Jeyne too. And she has endured worse than Sansa. Little Finger turned her into a whore. Ramsay has raped & abused her multiple times. I am not going to defend D&D because they have done many mistakes in adapting the women characters in the books. They ruined Arianne & Lady Stoneheart by excluding them, they ruined Dorne by forgetting all about Nymeria & Oberyn’s mother who was a Queen, they ruined Asha/ Yara in every possible way, they ruined Ellaria & the sand snakes, they ruined Margery by making her what show margery is & book margery isnt! But please stop saying “it should have been Jeyne”. It sounds as sick as Cat’s “it should have been you” to Jon. No girl “deserves” to be raped. If possible, even the worst sort of monster should be spared this humiliation!


And let us not forget that show Sansa is way different from book Sansa. (God I think this show & book thing is going to get more common with all characters now!). The book Sansa has learned things from her experience. Show Sansa is as dumb as anyone can get. She agrees to marry Ramsay. A little stupid speech from stupid show Little Finger (there again show LF!) & she is putting on a brave face & marching off to marry. OK, granted she might not have heard of Ramsay’s psychotic tendencies but really no way can a Stark agree to marry a Bolton after what Roose did to her mother & brother. Hell, she showed Tyrion more hatred than she did LF’s plans. She had the support of the Vale (unlike the books). Little Finger could have done little to force her into a marriage against her will. Then when someone talks of support, she sits there like a dumbwit instead of burning every single candle she can find in Winterfell to signal that she is in dire need of help.


But irrespective of all this Sansa doesn’t deserve to be raped. Jeyne doesn’t deserve to be raped. A woman’s humiliation is not OK.


Next week on GoT:

  • Jon rides off to save the Wildlings
  • Stannis marches off to war with the Boltons
  • Sansa; after Ramsay visibily less repelled; of Theon tells that her family still has supporters left
  • And I think Margery’s is imprisoned