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*show & book spoilers*

Jon Snow leaves for Hardhome with Tormund leaving the command to Alliser Thorne. Maester Aemon urges Gilly to take her son South. Maester Aemon dies thinking of Egg.

😦 RIP Maester Aemon


Sansa, not so repulsed by Theon after Ramsay, asks him to help her. She tells him that the Starks still have friends in the North. She asks him to light a candle in the broken tower. But Reek reports straight to Ramsay. Winter has started off in the North in full earnest.

Sansa shows less revulsion & anger towards Ramsay than she did towards Joffrey & Tyrion even discussing who will be the Warden of the North with him, doing something stupid & reminding him that he is a bastard at the same time. He returns the kindness by showing her the flayed body of her ‘Northern Friend’.

Stannis’s army is suffering in the snow storm. Davos advises Stannis to retreat to Winterfell, however this time Stannis is determined to go forward lest he becomes famous as The King who Ran. Melisandre reminds Stannis of the power of the King’s blood & suggest Shireen might come in use. Stannis refuses. (how long before they kill Shireen now 😦 )

Two brothers of the Night Watch try to rape Gilly. Sam tries to protect her looking completely ridiculous with that sword. Gilly manages to inflict more harm on the men than Sam. It is the timely arrival of Ghost which saves Gilly in the end. Why is Ghost not with Jon now? And then of course Gilly & Sam have to have sex. That’s how it goes in Game of Thrones…Sex, Rape, Sex, Rape…

Jorah is sold for 20 gold honours. The man who has bought him is about to take him away when Tyrion insists on going with Jorah. Tyrion proves his fighting prowess by beating a slave master & is parceled up with Jorah as well.


Dany assures Daario that her marriage to Hizdahr is political. Dany asks Daario for his advice while still in bed. He asks her to marry him but she refuses. Daario further advises her to slaughter all the great masters of Meereen on the day of the Games.

The Queen of Thorns & the High Sparrow spar. She tries to bribe & bully the Septon into submission but he doesn’t give in. While I hate this whole Faith bullshit the actor makes it all great to watch. That is how you shut up Lady Olenna, Cersei! As she is leaving Lady Olenna gets a scroll with the Mocking Bird seal on it.


Tommen tries to do a Joffrey, but that doesn’t last long. The poor baby is starving for his Queen. Cersei tries to advise him (with words which echo her future). Cersei assures Tommen that she will try talking to the High Septon on his behalf.


Jaime tries to convince Myrcella to come back with him to King’s Landing since her mother thinks this place is no longer safe for her. She fumes away proclaiming her love for Trystane.


(I really hate show Myrcella. Can they kill her please? Along with her show boyfriend)

In the meantime Bronn is singing The Dornishman’s Wife in the cells where he has been placed next to the Sand Snakes. One of them (I dont know who is who in the show) even applauds his great voice!!! The same person even goes on to flash her boob & touch herself suggestively for him when he doesn’t appreciate her beauty enough. While Bronn is still busy drooling over her, his nose starts bleeding. She admits that her dagger was coated with an ointment from Asshai. She offers him the antidote only after he admits that she is the most beautiful woman in the world. >SIGH<

Little Finger seems pissed off at the destruction of his establishment. Lady Olenna assumes that Little Finger is back to blackmail her. On the contrary he offers her some evidence against Cersei. Little Finger offers her “the gift” of a handsome young man.

Jorah manages to defeat all the other slaves. While Dany was actually disgusted seeing the other slaves kill each other, she actually smiles as Jorah (who is unrecognizable in a helm) kills the rest of the slaves?! Jorah tries to gain the Khaleesi’s forgiveness by giving her a gift. In walks a dwarf, cut nose, golden hair & she is stupid enough to ask him who he is!

Cersei goes to meet Margery in the black cells. A fight ensues between the two & Cersei leaves smirking over her little victory over Margery.

As Cersei is returning victorious she is taken to meet the High Sparrow. From where she is taken directly to a special cell of her own. Ah! Feels so nice. 🙂 Brother Lancel; who is now so pure that he can float through the clouds & reach the seven; testified against her. While he got new clothes, she will be stripped off of hers. Your laws are strange High Septon & very very unfair, but then laws are rarely fair to women 😦

P.S.: I never learn! I had thought “the Gift” might mean something about the Gift in the books, but well of course not. 🙂

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