*book & show spoilers*


Dany is initially skeptical about Tyrion Lannister but he convinces her that he is the best Lannister killer out there (was it necessary to use Joanna’s name there?). He tells her that if she plans to conquer Westeroes she needs a man who has some knowledge of the continent. So that is why they had to kill Barristan…for Tyrion! And of course that is why Quentyn was never brought in….not that she would have made any use of him. Trying to test his skills Dany asks him what should be done with Jorah. He tells her that killing off men devoted to her won’t inspire more devotion which makes her decide to send Jorah away from the city.




A septa offers Cersei water in exchange of a confession. Each time she refuses she is hit by the ladle. Qyburn is later sent in to meet Cersei. He informs her that she is accused of fornication, treason, incest & the murder of King Robert Baratheon. Pycelle has summoned Kevan to King’s Landing to serve as Hand of the King. While Kevan has refused to meet Cersei, Tommen has been finding it hard to cope with the temporary loss of his wife & mother. (When will show Tommen die??!!)


Arya is now Lanna, (which is a Lannistery name! What was wrong with Cat?) an oyster seller. She has perfected the art of lying. The House of Black and White in the show is a place where people go to for justice. They aren’t the mercenary assassins we see in the books. Lanna’s first kill will be a corrupt gambler. Jaqen just hands her a bottle of poison to kill the man. She has no need to figure anything on her own 😦 Was the other girl jealous of Arya? 😛 (Did D&D just skip the entire pleasure houses angle of Braavos?? Shocking!)



Taking away from Sansa her empathy (the very essence of who she is) show Sansa confronts Theon. While still in dire need of his help she is stupid enough to threaten him. In the confrontation that follows he admits that Bran & Rickon are still alive. I am so happy that Sansa finally knows! I am so happy D&D remember that a guy named Rickon existed. 🙂


Roose & Ramsay talk war strategies where Roose is all for common sense while Ramsay is dying to show off his flaying skills.


Dany is having a drink with Tyrion. Even book Dany isn’t that stupid! Though I love Tyrion saying he needs to see if Dany is worth being served I doubt its a very wise thing to say especially given his current circumstances. Some good dialogues follow between the two of them till the spell is broken by the stupid “breaking the wheel” line which was part of the promo. Even in the books I will hate it if Tyrion allies with Dany. I want them on the opposite sides. I want him with Jon.


Jorah goes running to the slaver asking him to allow him to fight at the Great Pit so that he can serve Dany. How does fighting for the slaver mean fighting for Dany? Isn’t she principally against it?


Cersei is lapping off water from the floor but still refusing to confess to her crimes.


The scene between Jon & the wildlings was the best one in this entire season. I loved every moment of it. I loved the arguments made by both the parties, I loved the giant peeking now & then looking all cute, I loved Tormund vouching for Jon. It was all very satisfying to watch. Jon is now King Crow. I like that name too. 🙂 See D&D, without rape, nudity but with a good story you CAN make great things happen. 🙂




The attack by the White Walkers was covered magnificently. The shutting of that particular gate is a good symbol of the Night’s Watch shutting out the wildlings & the possible consequences of such a choice. Jon is able to kill a white walker with his sword of Valyrian Steel. What a pity that there are so few of those left in Westeroes now. The Night’s King raising his army of wights from the dead wildlings should serve as proof enough for all those who doubted Jon in the first place. Unfortunately a majority of them weren’t around to see the transformation.


A truly great episode after a long long time.



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