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*show & book spoilers*

I should have known looking forward to a GoT episode could only end badly.


R.I.P. Princess Shireen of House Baratheon. I hope your fate is much better in the books

Ramsay & his twenty men seem to have done their work. As Meli is staring into the fires waiting for some sign I suppose, fire erupts at various places in Stannis’s camp destroying their food supplies & siege equipment. Strange that a camp protected by the Lord of Light should be burned by fire itself. And pretty useless seer Stannis has got here who cant see such a big destruction before hand. While Davos is offering Stannis some good advice, this man is busy staring at his two wives. >SIGH< A man best known for flaying people alive manages to stump one of the best Generals in Westeroes who has been fighting in wars even before Ramsay was born. >SIGH< Stannis, after his tête-à-tête with his two wives commands Davos to return to Castle Black & come back with food & horses. COWARD! Davos once again tries to talk sense but is shut up by Stannis 😦 He wishes to take Selyse & Shireen back with him to Castle Black but Stannis refuses. I know why! I know why! *sobbing* Stannis gives Shireen some bullshit about choices & destiny without having the courage to tell her that he intends to burn her! JERK! So without a warning Shireen is led off to be burnt alive. She dies screaming. 😦 😦 😦 And it makes no sense at all. Shireen is Stannis’s only child, his heir. Does he plan to live forever? And if not, who will continue his line? His shadow babies with Meli, since Selyse cannot have more children! Also, show Meli wasn’t even able to kill the three people she promised would die with the King’s blood. Balon Greyjoy still lives on the show. And for such a woman Stannis sacrificed his daughter? And for what? To kill the Boltons & take the North? Without the support of the Northeners? Forget gaining allies, his own soldiers might abandon him after watching him kill his own daughter. Book Stannis has burned people too. But killing a daughter is different. Very different. You don’t kill your family. That is kinslaying, a sin of the worst sort in Westeroes. They just made him worse than Lord Tywin! All you had to do D&D in order to avoid all this was to keep Stannis away. Show he wasn’t involved. Cannot believe that the man who in the TWOW chapter asks his daughter be placed on the Iron Throne in case he dies will ever sacrifice her so he & his men won’t starve in the winter. This is the same man who endured an epic siege. 😦

There are some who believe that Stannis is Azor Ahai & he just fulfilled the prophecy. I would rather have had Stannis refuse everything & protect his daughter than this. 😦


Jon returns to the Wall with Tormund,  Wun Wun

Jaime has a cozy lunch with Doran, Ellaria, Myrcella & Trystane. If we ignore the last two the lunch becomes more tolerable. Doran says that Myrcella & Trystane will go back with Jaime to King’s Landing. Trystane will take Oberyn’s place on the small council. Why can’t D&D kill SUCH people instead of Mance (and Shireen)? The ever so merciful Prince Trystane also releases Bronn. YAYY! Ellaria swears allegiance to Doran while the sand snakes; freshly out of prison now; glare disapprovingly at Doran. Ellaria meets Jaime & talks about incest, Dornish & Westerosi rules about incest, etc. What was that all about?

Arya has perfected the art of peddling oysters, clams & cockles. She is about to sell the oysters to the man she intends to kill when she spots Meryn Trant (the one on her list). Mace Tyrell embarasses himself & even Trant by singing in front of Tychos Nestoris. Typical! You get a great actor like Mark Gatiss & a great character like Tychos & all you do with him is this! Trant goes to a brothel to spend the night. Arya follows him to the brothel. She comes face to face with him & he might have recognized her but is distracted when he is presented with a young girl. Arya returns to the House of Black & White & lies to Jaqen about not getting a reason to kill the man.


And off to the Great Games! Hizdahr tries to dismiss off Daario but Dany sides with him & as happens to anyone on whose side Dany is, Daario loses his bet. Dany & her boyfriend look appropriately slapped while Tyrion looks uncomfortable with the fights. Dany & Hizdahr talk about Meereeneese traditions. Dany is comfortable with bloodshed as long as its her ideas which cause it. She is strictly against it for any other reason. Tyrion does some boot licking here shutting up poor Hizdahr. Jorah fights bravely in the pit & Dany cheers for him internally also sharing an eye lock with him 😛 Jorah proves his loyalty once again by killing a son of the Harpy who had been creeping up behind Dany to kill her. How many times will someone or the other save this woman? 😦 The sons of the Harpy massacre the public assembled for the games. A couple of them stab Hizdahr. Poor man, no one there to help him. 😦 Tyrion saves Missandei while Jorah rescues Dany…he touched her…Greyscale please!!! Dany & all her fans are nicely surrounded by the sons of the Harpy when… of course she is rescued again. This time by Drogon. Drogon torches most of the masked men & then Dany rides off on his back.

On the last episode of Game of Thrones S5:

  • Jorah, Tyrion, Daario sitting looking lonely without their idol Dany near them
  • Cersei’s confession I guess 🙂
  • Jon troubled about something
  • Stannis lays siege to Winterfell
  • Sansa talking about death
  • Brienne & Pod