The Mahabharata characters react on seeing themselves on TV 😛 Television has done the impossible. It has united the cousins like nothing & no one else ever could while they were still alive.

Everlasting Vistas

A/N: An excerpt from a fictional story I’m writing about life in heaven after the characters in the Mahabharata wind up their life on earth and go to the realm of the gods. Here, the characters are watching events unfold in the Kail Yuga, and in this particular excerpt, discuss the television shows that attempt to recreate their own lives. Most of their reactions are my personal opinions about the shows, though I have included general opinions based on what I’ve read or heard from people.

“I hear that someone has made a television show about us. Shall we go and crash it?” asked Krishna walking into Yudhishthira’s bedroom. Only Karna was present, he and Yudhi had been talking non-stop for three hours.

“They keep making these Mahabharata shows,” complained Karna as Krishna plopped on the divan. “I don’t look good in half of them! Besides they always mess up my character…

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