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And its finally the last episode!!!



The snow is melting. Half of Stannis’s army has deserted him. Selyse has hung herself. And Meli has fled! I am a Stannis fan but I am laughing like hell at show Stannis! Regardless of all this, Stannis orders to march to Winterfell. His marching army is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. They walk like a bunch of people out for a walk rather than an army. Taking a candle in plain sight Sansa is off to the Tower. Pod sees Stannis & his men & informs Brienne. Just when Sansa is about to light the candle, Brienne rushes off to kill Stannis. Forgetting all the common sense talks of Roose, the Bolton army attacks Stannis & wins. Only to be killed by Brienne. Salute to Stannis for being among the few to recognize Brienne is a woman! So, that is why they butchered Stannis so badly in the ninth episode. So Brienne doesn’t get blamed for killing Stannis, the horrible father. Even Jaime gets to call her Kingslayer now 😉 Show Stannis does book Stannis proud when his last words are “Go on, do your duty.” Off somewhere Ramsay is celebrating his victory without even killing the King :O


Sansa is returning from her light the candle mission when she is spotted by Myranda who threatens Sansa but is pushed to her death by Theon. Ramsay returns just then. Theon & Sansa flee from the scene of the crime…and jump off the high walls of Winterfell. I am sure they will survive. All the wrong people always do. 😦


In Braavos D&D show us Meryn Trant being cruel to a few whores because they can & because they like such things. The third whore, unfortunately is Arya (who with no concerns for her personal safety has ventured into the whore house), who has stolen a mask from the Faceless Men. Seeing that she doesn’t scream & yell when he hits her, he orders the other two out & concentrates on her. In turn he is murdered by Arya in an absolutely crude manner. Show Arya is more suitable to be hedge knight or sellsword. She has none of the finesses of the Faceless Men. Arya is supposed to be an intelligent girl but even then show Arya does something incredibly stupid like stealing from the FM. Another poorly developed concept by D&D: The FM! Some weird sorcery happens next when she returns to the House of Black & White & then Arya looses her sight.


Jaime & Bronn leave Dorne with Myrcella & Trystane. Just out the blue, to pass time, Jaime decides to tell Myrcella about Cersei & him. But Myrcella it seems has always known this little fact & she is glad that Jaime is her father. Even Disney doesn’t make things this sweet anymore. GAG! So while father & daughter share a hug, Myrcella’s nose starts bleeding & Jaime stands there like a fool shouting her name! Seems the smooch Myrcella exchanged with Ellaria was poisoned. So glad to be rid of show Myrcella. Will Trystane blame Jaime for his beloved’s death? Or will it be the other way round?


Tyrion, Daario & Jorah sit like little boys who have lost a girlfriend waiting for their Queen to return. Greyworm is alive. Urgh! Daario & Jorah decide to go search for Dany leaving Tyrion, Missandei & Greyworm to rule Meereen. Varys pops in out of nowhere & Tyrion & he banter, complimenting each other indirectly like good old friends.


Dany is far to the North somewhere with an injured Drogon. As she sets out in search of food she meets her old family, the Dothraki. She drops her ring for someone to find later I guess. And for some reason the mother of Dragons is very scared of the Dothraki. (Did she change her clothes somewhere?)

Cersei confesses her sins to the High Sparrow. She confesses to having slept with Lancel. He asks her about her children’s paternity & her relationship with Jaime. Cersei denies it & calls it a lie perpetuated by Stannis in order to gain the Throne. The High Sparrow calls for a trial since Cersei has denied all charges against her except one. He also accepts her request to return to the Red Keep after her atonement. And then begins the walk of shame. 😦 Show Cersei has done nothing to deserve this. Surprisingly Lancel is forgiven because he is one of the Faith now but not Cersei? Never have men given up one opportunity to humiliate a woman…and if you can do that as a “lesson” to other women & in front of other men all the better. Weren’t whores banned in the city by these demi gods? What were they doing today in the walk of shame? Guess D&D need as many naked women as they can find. Cersei finally reaches the Red Keep with bleeding feet, shamed & humiliated beyond measure where she gets to meet the newest member of the Kingsguard Ser Robert Strong.


Jon tells Sam what happened at Hardhome. Sam asks Jon’s permission to go to Oldtown with his new family of Gilly & baby Sam. (With news of Randyl Tarly’s casting I doubt he ever reaches there since family nonsense over Citadel business any day for D&D). The next morning Sam leaves with Gilly leaving Jon alone with his death. Davos has reached the Wall & is asking Jon for his men & the Wildlings. Jon refuses him. Meli reaches the Wall. Olly, the little git, lures Jon to his death. Olly & Alliser Thorne along with some other brothers of the NW stab Jon. Where is Ghost? He is important!


So who all died this season?

  • Mance Rayder 😦
  • Maester Aemon 😦
  • Jon Snow (maybe?) 😦
  • Stannis Baratheon :O 😦
  • Shireen Baratheon :O 😦
  • Selyse 🙂
  • Meryn Trant 🙂
  • Barristan Selmy 😦

Whose storyline was butchered this season?

  • Ellaria
  • The Sand Snakes
  • Jaime
  • Brienne
  • Stannis
  • Tyrion
  • Sansa
  • Little Finger
  • Roose Bolton
  • Varys
  • Tommen
  • Myrcella

I am not going to waste time crying over how much D&D have ruined the books. This season is a clear indication that they are nothing without some source material to rely on. Left on their own all they can do is produce such shit. But the season became more fun with all the witty & sarcastic comments on FB & Tumblr. Honestly, sometimes the posts on the social networking sites were more entertaining than the original episode. 🙂 And now our wait begins, Season six will be a complete new season for book fans too. Other than Arya everyone’s storyline has now reached ADWD. What remains to be seen is if GRRM will manage to get TWOW published before Season six. All the best GRRM! I hope I get the book before I see it on TV.

And at last I am just going to leave this thing here 🙂

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