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A quirky comedy about the relationship between an ageing father and his young daughter, living in a cosmopolitan city, dealing with each other’s conflicting ideologies while being fully aware that they are each other’s only emotional support.

– IMDb

Piku (2015) Poster

The last movie I saw which was this good was Queen. A realistic portrayal of a girl in her 30’s living with her dad, managing the house & her dad too.

What I liked:

  • It was all very realistic. Piku isn’t the ideal daughter. She screams at her dad, gets angry with him, is often fed up of his eccentricities. But she loves him. Deeply. She knows he is her responsibility. And her love isn’t the hugging, kissing variety. It is the sort which makes her suffer her hypochondriac behaviour but she does it anyways.
  • Amitabh Bachchan: There is a reason he is called the badshah of Bollywood. You give him a role, any role, and it is bound to turn out perfect. He plays the eccentric 70 year old perfectly. He has perfected his bengali accent. His body language of an eccentric, constipated old man is just perfect. And he does all this with such ease
  • Deepika & Irfan too do a great job. Irfan’s expressions as he studies the father & daughter & gives us a view on their relationship through a third person are perfect.
  • The movie is largely based on toilet humour. Now while most of the times I would steer clear of such things this movie did not make me cringe (except maybe when AB talks about his daughter’s virginity in a party). I was laughing at all the commode jokes 😛
  • It was short & sweet. A 2 hour movie which covers a great deal of emotions
  • Amitabh’s death isn’t melodramatic. Hence you feel more for Piku than the usual circus of screaming & crying would have done
  • Kolkatta has such an old world charm to it. Piku’s house in Kolkatta with those shutters on the windows, those beds with slats, big verandas & corridors were all epic.
  • There was no item number in the movie. Yes I belong to the brigade who is strongly against item numbers. Also, throughout the movie Deepika is dressed from head to toe. Bollywood, that is how most women dress in India.

What I did not like:

  • I don’t like incomplete endings. Did Piku hook up with Rana? Or with her constipated business partner?
  • Why was Irfan’s family even introduced? He could have just mentioned them in passing.

The movie is fabulous & totally deserving of all the praise that everyone is heaping on it.

A 5/5. Amitabh Bachchan can easily sweep the best actor award for this movie this year.