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Every Mumbaikar is smiling today as heavy rains drench the city after a long, extremely hot summer. Mother Earth has cooled down, the winds no longer burn the skin, the sun has gone on a short vacation (yes, the sun loves Mumbai. It’s vacations from here are always short!) & Mother Nature has taken on a fresh beautiful look shedding its sweat drenched clothes full of dust & grime.

But for the past few days I have been in a mythological mood. So as I was admiring this force of nature; water; being so glorious, calming all the weathered souls & feeling blessed another thought struck me.

Isn’t it strange that what is bringing life today will one day in the future bring death. When Pralay comes it will be these same rains which destroy this earth, the same earth which they have nourished so lovingly not for years but for yugas. What delights us today will make us shiver with dread. Oh the irony of it all!