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I haven’t read the novels (and knowing the subject I never will) but the sheer hatred this story got everywhere on the internet got me very much curious about it. Finally I downloaded it & watched it on a day when I was quite low & depressed.

The movie suited my mood perfectly. It is the sort of movie you can watch even after locking away your brain & throwing the key away somewhere. By the time I was finished I had actually managed a smile or two. 🙂

What I liked:

  • The unintentional hilarity in few of the scenes. I am the sort of person who just looks forward to such scenes which make you laugh even though that isn’t what the director had ever intended. Mr. Grey & Ana are having this conversation while she is in bed & all of a sudden he takes off his shirt & takes a bite off her toast. I know many girls must have swooned over this action but that was the first time I laughed in the movie. And it wasn’t the last 😛  Some more instances were Ana assuming play room meant the room where he keeps his X Box (yes like Richie Rich having an entire room for every single thing he fancies) or when she asks him about butt plugs (never knew the entire internet draws a blank on them :P). Another scene where I was laughing was when Mommy came in to check on her little boy. LOLz Mr. Grey was actually scrambling for his shirt as soon as he heard Mommy was at the door 😛 Wonder how his Mommy will react if she happens to see the contracts he signs with women or hears his “I don’t make love, I fuck …HARD” dialogue.
  • Another bit of hilarity which I think deserves a separate bullet point is that room where Ana met Mr. Grey in the office. Is he a businessman or a pimp? Why was the room all dark & red? Who has a boardroom in that colour & lighting? Other than pimps of course!
  • I liked that little line about how giving up control frees you from taking any decision & hence you are free from any responsibility. Taken out of context it can be a very relaxing line.
  • I was as excited as Ana seeing Christian break his own rule of never sleeping with women whom he played his games with. I knew she would be jotting this down as a major achievement of her sad life in her little diary. Next morning she actually is busy making him breakfast. (The view from the window was breathtaking though)
  • I am grateful the movie didn’t have a dialogue “I am fifty shades of grey.”
  • While I liked nothing about the terms of contract which Grey asks Ana to sign I am happy he keeps nothing hidden from her. She is free to subtract any clauses she is uncomfortable with. He gives her time to research what she doesn’t know before coming to a decision.

What I did not like:

  • His brother & his butler/ chauffeur are far more handsome than Mr. Grey. They really should have chosen a better looking guy to play Christian Grey
  • Dakota is perfect for the role of a lifeless, lost & nearly dead Anastasia Steele.
  • That lip biting thing which she does however is a major fail. It is not lip biting, it is more like sucking them in.
  • Ana is a complete doormat. Many times Grey oversteps his boundaries of a boyfriend (or in their case employer?). He was almost ready to beat up her friends Paul & Jose for some imagined crimes which they had committed in his eyes, he just zooms in to save her from some imagined horror at the bar where she is with her friends, he sells off her car without consulting her, gives her a brand new car & then a laptop, drops in to Georgia while she is taking some personal time off. He is simply over bearing to put it very politely.
  • While I am perfectly aware that many people engage in the sort of rough sex Ana agrees to, I think his role as a dominant starts from the moment he meets her. Even before she has agreed to be his submissive. Even before she has signed the contract. I found the whole prescribed list of foods, drug testing, etc very insulting. But rather than being insulted by this Ana is insulted when he does something she agreed to in the first place? She isn’t insulted when he says that good behaviour will be rewarded likening her to some dog who is awarded treats if he pees in the right place but is insulted & hurt physically & emotionally when he whips her in the last scene. But you agreed to that, didn’t you Ana? Aren’t you a little too late for self respect?

The ending felt very abrupt. That is when I went to Wikipedia & found out a sequel of the movie is coming out in 2016. I don’t know if I will watch it or not, but this movie was a one time watch – and – forget sort of a thing.

I will give it a 1/5.