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Ke Dil Abhi Bhara Nahi brings together two veteran & versatile actors of the Marathi industry, Vikram Gokhale & Reema. It is presented by Suyog, directed by Mangesh Kadam & written by Shekhar Dhavlikar.

'Reema Lagoo' & 'Vikram Gokhale’s' ‘Ke Dil Abhi Bhara Nahi’

What I liked:

  • A true actor is like old wine, he just gets better with age. This is truly the case for both these giants of Marathi industry, Reema & Vikram Gokhale. Only an actor like Vikram Gokhale can start a play with “Lungi Dance” at this age. Only an actress like Reema can make you laugh while you are just about to burst in to tears.
  • The story covers many issues related to old age, retirement, empty nest syndrome, etc but in a light – hearted manner. Arun Nagarkar is a frank man & believes in telling things as they are. Vandana on the other hand has spent her entire life keeping things to herself, taking care that no one is hurt. Sparks fly when she too starts speaking her mind, without vile but with some feeling. Feelings which have been repressed for years bubble to the surface, she finds an independent streak, something her husband is not used to witnessing.
  • The supporting characters have well defined roles & add to the story telling.

What I did not like:

  • There are a few moments when the story drags a bit. The part where Arun Nagarkar & his friend Bedekar get drunk & Arun is telling him about his past with Vandana is very boring inspite of providing some insights in to the characters of both Vandana & Arun.
  • Reema’s makeup is garish as is her hair. It really hurts the eye. She needs to tone down the loud makeup a little.

A must watch play which will make you laugh but also tell you a thing or two about marriage, irrespective of your age.