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A romantic comedy about Jacob and Caroline falling in love. A simple matter apart from the fact that Jacob has a relationship with Jørgen, and Caroline lives with the SAS-pilot, Tom, who happens to be Jørgen’s brother. The question is how many scratches you can take, before you end up with the one you really love?


Cast: Mads Mikkelsen, Troels Lyby, Charlotte Munck, Jesper Lohmann

Director: Hella Joof

Language: Danish

Shake It (2001) Poster

I loved this movie. It is the sort of this which keeps you smiling start to finish. 🙂

What I liked:

  • Mads & Troels: Both of them are super cute as a couple. They look completely in love & play their parts convincingly.
  • The story: The story is different. I guess this is the first time I have seen an entire movie based on a gay couple’s love story. Add to that one of them falling for a woman, who is the other ones sister – in – law….and things are bound to get interesting 😛 While infidelity is a definite turn off for me, I enjoyed this movie inspite of it. I do not support Jacob in what he did, but it difficult to hate such  a cute guy!
  • Jørgen is a lovely partner to have. He loves Jacob unconditionally, he accepts him back even after discovering that he cheated on him, and from the pictures in the credits it seems that he accepts the baby as well 🙂
  • I was glad Jacob went back to  Jørgen, though I have no idea what prompted that decision. In most movies you know the hero & heroine WILL end up together, but in this one due to the unusual circumstances it was difficult to predict what Jacob would do. Hence I was very happy when he stopped Jørgen from going to Paris. Jørgen would have been devastated had he ended up alone.

What I did not like:

  • Nothing. It is a really sweet movie. There are no boring moments. You laugh at Jacob, cry with Jørgen, laugh at Jørgen too sometimes, but then all is well that ends well. And the end though completely ridiculous cannot stop from making you smile ear to ear.