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A sequel to Mumbai – Pune – Mumbai, MPM2 takes the story of Gauri & Gautam which began in Part 1 further.




Cast: Swapnil Joshi, Mukta Barve, Prashant Damle, Asawari Joshi, Shruti Marathe, Mangal Kenkre, Vijay Kenkre, Savita Prabhune, Angad Mhaskar & Suhas Joshi

Director: Satish Rajwade

Language: Marathi

What I liked:

  • It is another brilliant piece from my favourite director Satish Rajwade. Sequels usually can never retain the WOW factor which the original had. This movie is an exception. It is as good if not better than Part 1.
  • It is the story of two educated, middle class individuals. Hence it is easy to connect with them.
  • The movie has included many things which most makers would dare not include in a Marathi movie. The heroine drinks while the hero chooses to remain sober, there is an almost kiss, the heroine has cold feet, there is an aunt who is a Sommelier. But most importantly the movie isn’t just about being brash which is unfortunately how most movies portray being modern. Both Gauri & Gautam are responsible individuals who are modern & progressive in their actions as well as thoughts.
  • Towards the end when Gauri’s father gets to know that his daughter has broken off her engagement at the very last moment he is angry with her, he apologizes to Gautam but at the same time he says he will stand by his daughter. Under no circumstances will he abandon her. He knows she is in the wrong but in front of the world he cannot leave her side. The cherry on the cake is when Gautam is glad about it & requests them all to leave town immediately lest his family, in their anger lash out at them & insult them. Kudos to this 21st century dad & kudos to this 21st century groom!
  • There is another scene where Gautam has finally had enough. As Gauri rants about the many sacrifices a girl makes when she gets married Gautam lists out the many responsibilities a man shoulders when he gets married. Never before have we seen or heard of this. Everyone is so focused on the dulhan’s bidaai than no one has time to think that marriage is a huge responsibility for the dulha as well & he shoulders it most often without a single word.
  • The movie has lots of senior actors who enjoy a huge fan following like Prashant Damle, Suhas Joshi, Savita Prabhune. But the director does not waste time giving them unnecessary screen space. He uses all the actors perfectly without wasting much time over one single individual.
  • The movie has a very fresh look & is relevant to our times.

What I did not like:

  • The theater I saw the movie in had added English subtitles to the movie. While it is a great idea so that non Marathi speakers can enjoy the movie, at least make sure the subtitles are accurate. The English was truly horrible & any person relying solely on those would have lost interest quite easily.

I loved both the parts of Mumabi – Pune – Mumbai. After the grand success of this movie the director & PH have announced a Part 3. Here is wishing the entire time heartiest congratulations on their success & best wishes for Mumbai – Pune – Mumbai 3!