Kara Para Ask (Black Money & Love) is a  Turkish TV show. The lives of Omer Demir & Elif Denizer get entangled when his fiancee & her father are found together murdered in a car. The two join hands to find the killer & the reason behind the deaths.

Director: Ahmet Katiksiz

Actors: Engin Akyurek, Tuba Buyukustun, Erkan Can, Burak Tamdogan, Saygin Soysal, Bestemsu Ozdemir, Hazal Turesan & others

Written by: Eylem Canbolat, Sema Ergenekon

Language: Turkish



After watching Engin Akyurek in Fatmagul I decided to try the drama which had managed to get him an Emmy nomination, Kara Para Ask. I loved Engin as Omer. Tuba looked a complete diva as Elif but the show as a whole was utter & complete BS.


What I liked:

  • Elmer: Elif & Omer (ElMer) sizzle whenever they are together. I loved most of their scenes together, be it them arguing with one another, crying together, playing detective or romancing one another. There is not a single boring moment when they are onscreen.
  • The music: I loved the music of this show. The title track is racy, the music played on the ElMer scenes has that perfect mix of romance & naughtiness.

What I did not like:

  • The plot: The show started off great. It kept me hooked till episode 35 after which things started going downhill pretty quickly. After all there is only so much nonsense that a person can watch. The plot gets repetitive with the police always getting fooled, the legendary Komissar Omer Demir being either helpless or angry or stupid, the villains always winning, there always being a spy between the good guys, every new person entering turning into a villain so much so that by the end except for Elif, Omer, Arda, Pelin & Elvan all have harmed the “good guys” at least once, either directly or indirectly.
  • Zero growth in characters: What a complete & utter waste were Metin/ Fatih & Nilufer! Most of the times my eyes went just as large as saucers in my face whenever these two were together. It was just disgusting to see Nilufer mooning over Fatih after all that he did to her & it didnt end till the end what with her begging Arda to let him go. I had hoped for a scene where Omer would blow his brains out for what he did to Elif but I guess a vapid love story is more important than showing a cop being able of doing at least something in the entire show.
  • Super idiotic police & superhero villains: How stupid were Omer, Arda & Pelin? Wasn’t Omer supposed to be this genius who makes criminals shake in their boots? I have never seen a more stupid police team than theirs. Every time the villains escape in the same fixed way & every time these three stand with their mouths wide open wondering how did this happen. Ya, well like last time you fools! Also it was a bit frustrating to see everyone working for Tayyar. I think by the end of the show except for Elif, Omer, Pelin & Arda everyone was TEAM TAYYAR! Some variety please!
  • The ending: This has to be the most frustrating part of the whole show. How pointless was it all? I think in the end Omer forcing Tayyar to commit suicide is an indirect victory of evil over good. Its a clear indication that Omer believes that justice wont prevail, that Tayyar will win once again. Such a sad message to give in a show which was largely based on the police force. And as if that wasn’t enough super cop Omer Demir quits the police force to be with Elif. Why?! The reason given was so lame I felt like getting into the screen & killing Omer myself. Elif thought that Omer was changed after what happened with Tayyar. Yes he was! But give the guy some time instead of running away because of his altered behaviour. Its not as if she had spent years waiting for her old Omer to be back & it wasn’t working out. And of course they made a complete mockery of even this by ending the show showing Elif & Omer chasing after new goons. In short all Elif wanted was to be the one to decide whom Omer should go after. It wasn’t about love, it was about control. Sad really. Sami was 100% correct about Elif, she wasn’t cut out to be a policeman’s wife. It was also frustrating to see Fatih escape justice so easily. That man was no better than Tayyar & deserved to rot in jail. So in short the three main villains around whom the story was built all managed to escape prison life: Husseyin ended up being a liability to the wife on whom he was shamelessly cheating, Tayyar committed suicide & Metin was just unemployed…though if we know the guy he would soon find some criminal activity to indulge in & fool Nilufer since she is so willing to play the fool.


Overall a thoroughly irritating show. Just watch it for the Elif – Omer scenes. The rest of it is crap!