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It feels so good to be back on the blog after such a long time. I have watched a few kdramas, a few movies & a few books in the time since I logged in here so I am planning on writing about all of those in the coming days & posting it here. I had decided to watch 102 Not Out immediately after I watched the trailer. After a long time I was actually looking forward to a movie. And I finally managed to do it yesterday.

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102 Not Out is the story of Dattatrey Vakharia (Amitabh Bachchan) who is 102 years old & plans to become the longest living person on the planet. Like he says he has just 16 more years to go till he manages to break all records. He is a jolly, happy – go – lucky fellow who is the exact opposite of his son Baburam Vakharia (Rishi Kapoor) who is 75 & might be already dead for all the enthusiasm he shows for living. Dattatrey is determined to teach his son to live again & thus begins the movie…


What I liked:

  • The story: It is something different than the usual crap Bollywood churns out regularly these days. With just three actors the director has kept the story telling to the point. The writer has picked up a very relevant topic for today’s times. Though there are a lot of light moments the writer does not spare your heart when it comes to the climax. The story of Chandrika’s last moments & that whistle as the screen blacks out managed to make me tear up a little bit.
  • Amitabh & Rishi: Amitabh & Rishi are still crowd pullers & the show I went to the theater was house full. They even manage to get a few claps & whistles all while still having their clothes on, without any cursing or violence. While Amitabh is the master no doubt, Rishi too is impossible to ignore. Unlike the self proclaimed Badshah of Bollywood 😛 Rishi managed to impress me as much as Amitabh. Seeing the old pictures of a young Rishi & Amitabh brought on some major nostalgia. The Bobby & Abhimaan days ❤
  • I loved how the very last thing Dattatrey does before leaving is ensure his son has learned to live independently. He ensures Babu is emotionally ready, as ready as a son can be in such a situation, to deal with life after he is gone. Some fathers truly never stop caring about their kids, no matter how old the kid has gotten.

What I did not like:


Its a beautiful movie which makes you laugh & cry at the same time. It might also serve as an eye opener for children who talk about their rights but are never bothered about their duties towards their parents. The land which gave birth to Ram, why is that same children producing children who cannot even attend the last rites of their parents? While many movies now talk openly about children abandoning their old parents we also need to talk & discuss about why our children are turning out to be such selfish self centered people. Movies & books have offered many suggestions on how to deal with a selfish shameless child but when will we have a book or a movie frankly discussing what went wrong in raising a child?