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Even after years of being married to each other, Atul and Aditi are still confused about whether or not to become parents. Friends and relatives urge them to take the next step toward parenthood, but the couple is not convinced. However, everything changes for this ‘in-denial’ married couple when they foster a pregnant cat that lands on their doorstep, leading them to decide to take on an exciting yet challenging phase of life – Pet Parenting!

Just last week I subscribed to Jio Fibre & with that I could finally watch all those webseries which everyone around me had been talking about for ages. One of them was Pet Puran. I had watched its first episode on Sony Liv app which was free & had loved it! So this was the first one I watched as soon as I got a paid membership 🥰

I loved every single episode of this show. Lalit & Sai were very good as Atul & Aditi. In spite of being a webseries there was none of the usual nudity or cursing & vulgarity which was a big plus! Though the story is about pet parenting we did not get much scenes of the cat & dog…oops sorry…I mean Baku & Vyanku 🤣 Though full marks to the person who came up with these unique pet names…Baku, Vyanku, Goda! A great change from the usual Sheru & Tommy. I am glad they covered the hypocrisy of pet lovers – breed, colour, age, gender…they place orders for pets as they would for clothes never realizing that its more humane to help the one in need than place such demands. Which leads to yet another problem, breeding! A terrible practice encouraged by such demands. So many of our Indie breeds would benefit if only folks would consider them at par with foreign breeds. They are actually even better than them! Also beautiful was how Baku & Vyanku eventually won over the mothers 🥰 Who can resist those eyes & cuddles?!

Parenting is more about being responsible than just giving birth. Aditi & Atul realized just this as they started caring for Vyanku & Baku. Hence is it any wonder that when their baby needed them they let go off a promotion interview & could not even visit Aditi’s sister’s new born baby? We would all do it for our human baby…parenting is realizing that our animal babies are no different either. Its all about being there when they need you…animal or human!

Overall the show is very enjoyable & a great watch for every animal lover providing entertainment as well as some eye opening facts.